World’s 1st Wi-Fi Data Card, E355 by Huawei launched in India

August 7, 20120 Comments

Huawei has launched the all the dongle, E355 in India. The special thing about this dongle is that it has the capabilities of both a datacard and a Wi-Fi hotspot device.

huawei e355

Huawei E355 has the capability to connect to at most five devices at a time and serve Wi-Fi to all.

This dongle is currentlyprices at Rs. 5499and can be used in three forms:

  • Traditional USB Modem: It can work just like the normal datacards with no support to Wi-Fi do.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi via PC: While on the move just connect to a laptop and start serving Wi-Fi to your other devices.
  • Independent Mobile Wi-Fi:Just connect the data card to a USB power adapter and it’ll serve Wi-Fi to your device independently without any PC or laptop.

As per Huawei the datacard is capable of serving much faster HSPA+ 21 Mbps DL and 5.76Mbps UL speed.

It also comes equipped with Type3i technology which can increase uploading and downloading speeds by 20% even if the signal strength is not good.

Source: Huawei Devices

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