Windows 8 never failed – 3 Reasons, Why?

December 27, 20122 Comments

Finally the Windows 8 is launched officially all over the globe. Although it is receiving lot of appreciation all around but few experts are surrounded by doubts that whether Window 8 will be able to meet the basic as well as advance demands of the people are not?

Windows 8 metro UI

Whatever, but these doubts seem not to be unwarranted as various industry experts have raised and elaborate these doubts in their respective reviews. But that’s just their personal opinion and it can be valid as well as invalid. While people are migrating to Android and Apple but these Mobile-based Operating System can’t compete the type of environment and services the Window is offering from a decade. So, over the due course of this article we’ll be discussing that why windows 8 can’t be considered a “fail”?

Top contender-
For a moment, let’s suppose that windows 8 are complete fail. Now a question arises what would you choose instead of windows? There’s no other better option, and that’s the main catch. Microsoft is number one contender in the personal computer category with more than 85% of market share and Microsoft isn’t dumb to lose this supremacy at any price. The other two participants in this category are MAC and Linux.  Talking about MAC, most of us can’t afford it and that’s why it has a share around 8%-9%. The remaining operating systems like Linux owe around 1% to 1.5 % of share. Apart from these true figures, windows platform has the highest number of applications available till the date. Windows has applications in almost every category.

Great UI-

The brand new metro style of windows 8 is believed to weakest feature. But if we took it in a positive way then it is appreciated by various experts. Actually the concept of metro was not planned for a mouse or touchpad based system, it indeed will be perfect for the next hybrid system you probably would buy. Metro style actually brings a positive break from the Apple’s and Android‘s basic home screen style. Most of users really found it cool and those who find it strange, I recommend them to bear it for a week you would ultimately start loving it.  The newly introduced metro applications are the most liked feature of the windows 8, at least you would now get yourself off from the traditional style windows application.  Apart from metro style, the boot screen and login screen looks extra cool and smooth.  The windows explorer also got a brand new look with plenty of new interesting features.  Overall you would really love the windows 8 both on touch display and non-touch display based systems.

Easy upgrade option-

Here comes the best part- If you already have Window 7 in your PC you can easily upgrade to latest Windows 8 by paying just 15$. For more details on upgrade options you can visit Microsoft’s Windows 8 upgrade page. And people will definitely go for brand new windows 8 as the price is really low.  So, in short, it is just a great offer for windows 8 which ultimately will increase the market share of Windows. Overall it’s a win-win situation on both sides.

We believe these reasons are valid enough to prove that Microsoft’s Windows is best operating system till the date. The kind of environment and services the Window is offering from a decade is unbeatable. Anyway, what you people thinks of Windows 8?  How would it affect you? And do you think it really sucks? Do share your opinions with us through comments.

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  1. Jane says:

    Hey Tushar, You’re so right about Windows 8 being the top option for all those PC users. Sure, most people can’t afford to have a Mac. Not only the Mac, but also the paid apps which are easily free for Windows users 🙂
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