What’s new: 5 new things in the Android 4.2

November 26, 20120 Comments

So a real major update Android 4.2 is not, but there are a number of new features that can be seen. New input method, an intelligent camera and multi-user accounts for tablet users. Much has been speculated in advance, some of it true.


These all new things can be found in the new version of Android. Yes it is 4.2 version.

1) Photo Sphere Camera
With the new camera app on Android can make not only panoramic photos, but huge pictures in all directions. The images can then paste it into Google Maps, share on Google+ or simply look on the device.

2) Multi-user accounts
Multiple users on a tablet a reality with Android 4.2. Without cumbersome login and logout, any user can use his own profile. Ideal for families. Even apps and games are treated separately on each account. Everyone has their own personal interface with widgets, wallpapers and apps. This feature is only available for tablets.

3) Wireless Display
About the wireless display feature allows contents of an Android device on the big screens of televisions play. This requires a wireless display adapter to the HDMI socket on the TV.

4) Daydream
The Daydream function allows displaying different content when the device is in a docking station. Here it is possible, for example, photo galleries or Show News of Google Currents.

For a small update brings Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) interesting innovations. To enter text, and also the new camera functions, as well as the multi-user function would certainly many satisfied even for a major release. It will be interesting to see what Google will do with Android 5.0 (key lime pie). When coming to existing Android devices has not yet been determined. All of the new Nexus devices will be running Android 4.2, at least on the 13th November delivered.

5) Gesture Typing
Many expected to be an alternative keyboard Swype concept. The input method allows through a swipe of the finger across the keyboard for a quick way to enter a text. Google does this with Android 4.2. You have to not have to worry about space, they are inserted automatically when you lift your finger from the keyboard. There are predictions that could fit next word. So by simple word choice complete whole sentences within seconds. Also at the speech input has been filed, and the dictionaries used are accurate and relevant, according to Google.

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