Wake up Apple, the iPhone is a Yawn

July 8, 20120 Comments

Half a decade ago, the world watched in awe as Steve Jobs unveiled the much anticipated first iPhone. When it released to the public four months later, people waited in long lines outside the Apple stores to get their hands on probably the single most hyped device in history of the 21st century.

The iPhone Success Story

With the cutting edge technology features like HRD, touch interfacing came a few but significant drawbacks. What followed in the next five years was the introduction of a generation of iPhones, each better than the other. Previous glitches were sorted and new features were added in every new iPhone, leaving the consumer wanting more.

The iPhone is a Yawn
Apple kept a close eye on the consumer’s needs and did whatever it took to keep its users happy. When the first iPhone didn’t support third-party developers, consumers complained on how they weren’t able to fully utilize the phone’s functionalities like streaming videos, gaming, applications like Skype were unusable. Two years later when Apple unlocked the device to third-party applications, it was yet another storm in the market. The App Store empowered the phone do everything and anything.

Competition stealing the iPhone thunder

Soon after, came in the other competitors like Google and Samsung with their own range of smartphones, offering consumers a different smartphone experience. Apple woke up to the challenge, and began manufacturing more and more sophisticated iPhones, anything to keep the upper hand in the market. But how more, is ‘more’? Android-running smartphones by Google have become a serious threat to the iOS using better features, better apps, and better functionality aspects. Now, there is general ‘bored’ feeling about the iPhone. People are hardly getting excited at the sound of new features in the latest version, probably because they’ve already been using it on another company’s device. It’s almost like Apple has run out of any drawbacks to improve or shortcomings to sort out, and now their scratching their heads at what else can they think of keep the consumers excitement levels up.

Apple gets better everytime, but tends to fatigue its users over a while. The latest version iPhone 4S is absolute joy to use, and its safe to presume that the next iPhone will be just as good. However the iPhone is a device which has been exploited to its maximum potential. It is a matured gadget, whereas Samsung still keeps people excited with newer version of S series handsets. Also, recent apps by Apple haven’t been able to garner as much attention.

Diehard Apple loyalists may still continue to dance at the iPhone party, but the truth is, there isn’t much fun left. They might ask what else can a person expect a phone to do, that the iPhone hasn’t already done? That’s a legitimate question, not much can be expected from a device already as sophisticated as the iPhone itself. Probably a longer battery life or an open standard Facetime. Till then, it’s a guessing game for the consumers and a challenge for the Apple engineers to push their own limits and offer the world something truly amazing.

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