How VoIP Continues to Change the Way People Do Business

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The digital age has revolutionized many of the devices that people use in everyday business transactions and these include the company phone that you use to manage your business. Gone are the days when business establishments used the analog phone to process calls coming from customers or promote their products or services. Many businesses now use the digital type of phones which allow the users to make calls to a computer through VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, VoIP allows you to send voice signals to a computer or a digital phone via the Internet. This means that even though your customer only has a laptop or personal computer, you would still be able to talk to him or to her.

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Enable communication without telephone line:

Making calls through VoIP, like Triangle Cables VoIP, with the use of your company phone allows you to cover a wider area. This is because you do not only make calls to other phones but to computers as well.  Customers without phones can still reach you by means of their computers. In this way, you get to contact more customers even those living in faraway places. If you call up only those customers who have phones, you limit your capability to make more sales and increase your profits. It is expensive and impractical to go around and look for prospective customers. Even without the existence of a telephone line, communicating through VoIP is still possible since voice signals can still be sent through wireless transmission. Because of this, you get to have more customers and more customers mean more sales!

Use of Fibre Optic Cables:

Another feature that makes VoIP an essential tool in today’s business world is it allows for fast and clear transmission of signals compared to regular phones which utilize analog signals. But one particular drawback here is voice signals transmitted through VoIP tends to sound choppy sometimes compared to those which you hear over telephone lines. But with the advent of fiber optics, transmission of voice signals over the Internet become well. That’s because the signal is borne by light which travels fast through fiber optic cables.

Having a clear voice signal isvery important especially when you are taking down your customer’s orders or listening to his inquiry over the phone. It is important that you get everything right so as not to lose your customer and keep him or her coming back for more.

Face to communication:

With the use of VoIP, businessmen like you can talk to your customers face to face. You can even participate in your customer’s conference if required to. That’s because VoIP allows for transmission of video signals which is utilized in teleconferencing. You and the customer get to understand each other better and this is not possible with landline phones.


Another important reason why businessmen like me are gradually shifting to VoIP is its inexpensive to use compared to landline phones. This is particularly true when I’m calling up customers who live far away from where I am. I don’t even have to pay for long distance calls. I get to save more on my phone bills and improve the kind of service I provide to my customers. This allows me to earn more profits and keep my customers buying my products and services.

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    I must acknowledge the fact that VoIP is continuously evolving technology and is must for growing businesses who want to save their overhead costs by using VoIP services.

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    Recently read a scientific paper that explained the levels of communication and face to face over VoIP is the second after, of course, physical interaction between people. So far it’s the best way to communicate in and out of company

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