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Ever wondered what it would be like to have a personal cyber security assistant? Not like J.A.R.V.I.S but an App which keeps you well informed with expertly curated news from the domain of cyber security. If you are a security professional, imagine a part of you constantly scanning the world wide web for the latest threats, next-gen tools, expert blogs, new studies and researches. And being a general internet user our major concern is internet security. It is essential to be “cyber literate” nowadays to secure oneself from online scams, frauds, data theft, and identity theft among others. One small mistake and you have to pay a great price. It’s not a metaphor but a reality. Check out how Ransomware are targeting people nowadays. It would be great to a personal assistant which acts as a knowledge library feeding us from time to time and keeps alive the spark of cyber awareness among us. Cyware does exactly that.

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Cyware is an App that is more like a personal cyber security assistant for a professional and a general internet user alike. The leaders in the cyber security domain need cyber situational awareness so as to safeguard sensitive data, sustain operations and protect their network infrastructure. Cyware offers several niche features that act as “Force-Multipliers” and assists the leaders to accomplish these tasks with precision. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, the team of cyber security professionals at Cyware provides only the best of the tens of thousands of cyber stories published daily on the internet. All these stories are provided in a short summarised format so that user can quickly go through the essential happenings of the day. It would be essential to mention that all essential facts are retained in the expertly curated news. The user is also provided access to the original news source. The basic aim behind the entire exercise is to assist users in cyber security and internet security through cyber awareness. The feeds provided by Cyware also act as threat intelligence and can be quickly shared with peers and security team of the organization.

Cyber awareness is key to cyber security and the internet security. Cyber security is a never ending process for a security professional. It’s not a one time job but a continuous process. Given the multitude of threats and a huge number of state and non-state threat actors, a security professional needs to be armed with the latest happenings in the security domain so as to stay a step ahead from the threat actors. This is only possible through cyber awareness and awareness is a transient; which means that it changes with time and is not achieved by swallowing a capsule. Cyware is built around the purpose of disseminating feeds so as to generate cyber awareness and help security professionals and general internet users alike to fight the faceless enemy. Use Cyware and be Cyber Aware!

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