Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

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The first and foremost thing you should do when you have a blog is to drive traffic. You have to make more people read than yesterday. That’s not going to be possible if you stick onto the same type of content, which most people do. In fact, you should always research for and find the innovative ways of blog posts. It’s about creating and publishing content that people search for and love to read. For those who are starting up, there may not be a clear idea. If you are one of them, you’re welcome here. We have created a list of the types of blog posts to drive more traffic to your blog.

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Most of these blog post types are proven to be effective. If you check out the popular blogs in your niche, it is sure you’ll find any of these blog post types. So, as the beginner in this field, you can start focusing on the right aspects.

#1 Tutorials

When it comes to Computers, Smartphones and Internet, everyone has doubts. If your blog posts can answer those queries in the right manner, you can certainly attract a lot of traffic. Depending on the sub-niche you are in, you can choose the right tutorial topics. For instance, if your blog is about Blogging itself, you can get some cool tutorials for setting up WordPress or customizing. On the other hand, if you are into topics based on computers, there are wide varieties of tutorial topics — from installing a program to resetting your PC.

#2 Infographics

It does not matter which niche your blog belongs to, Infographics are a sure-shot way to attract people into your blog. When compared to the other blog posts, you don’t need much efforts here too. By the way, if you are a designer, you have the freedom to create your own infographics and publish it on your blog. If that is not the case, you can find a variety of infographics in the web. All you have to do is to leave a backlink to the source. This is something I can say in light of previous experience — Infographics make people click, mostly via Social Media.

#3 Case Studies

Case Studies are something quite useful if you have an authentic voice in the field you are publishing on. For instance, let’s say you are offering some SEO-based services and do write about the same in your blog. Then, the best way to attract potential visitors and customers is to publish the case study. While creating a case study, however, you have to include a few elements. For instance, they must contain some clear numbers — as to how the particular campaign was successful. You can also offer some additional content such as tips and tricks, which will be useful for the readers out there.

#4 Interest-based Topics

When you start focusing on interests, you have a better chance of attracting more people into the blog. It’s pretty much easier if you have some taste in the topic you’re writing on. For instance, suppose you are going to talk about Cricket or Soccer. Then, you can get the help from some online sport betting sites and tips to get the best luck from them. According to our experience, these posts never fail to attract people who love doing such stuff. For instance, if I’m someone who loves to play sports betting via sites, I’d definitely check out those methods. Similarly, depending on the blog, you can focus on sub-niches like music, food or even some general stuff. It’s all about grabbing the interests, at the end of the day.

#5 Personal Stories

People always love stories when there are personal elements in them. And, as a blogger, you can make use of this trend in your blog posts. You don’t necessarily have to publish your personal stories in the blog. On the other hand, add some personal elements in your posts. You can stop using passive tense in the blog title and add some relatable concepts. In the long run, more people will end up clicking on your links and you’d have better traffic, for sure. I’d definitely recommend the second way, of including personal elements. It’s so because, unless you have an authentic voice, personal stories may not work that much.

The Miscellaneous and Summing Up

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are a few other types of blog posts that can attract attention, if you are using social media for traffic. For instance, you can publish some news stories according to current trends. On the other hand, Tips and Tricks are always worth the effort, if you are focusing on popular stuff like Android. We’ve been seeing a lot of response to the Android-based tips and tricks in the past years. The lots of others include Lists, Check-list articles and some wake-up calls as well.

No matter what the type of blog post you choose, make sure that the content can interest the reader. First and foremost, come up with an impressive title and first few lines. They should never, ever go back!

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