Top 8 Best Icon Packs for Android Devices

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When it comes to branding your business, the little things can matter. You want to make sure the big concepts, such as content marketing, work beautifully together, but you also want to pay attention to the small details. One such detail is making sure the devices your team uses are customised and streamlined. This means downloading icon packs for your Android to guarantee your brand design and colours are used in an innovative and detailed manner.

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So, what are the best icon packs for Android devices? Here are eight suggestions you should keep in mind.

Belle UI Icon Pack

If you liked the traditional look of Nokia’s UI, you might enjoy Belle UI. The icon pack is clean and simple – providing you with a different yet somewhat familiar design. The great thing about this icon pack is the flexibility and versatility. There are over 1,400 custom icons to choose from. It doesn’t come as a big surprise to know the Belle UI icon pack is one of Android’s most popular icon packs. It has been downloaded over 1 million times in Google Play.

Polycon Icon Pack

Would you prefer a fresh take on the Material Design iconography? Then download the Polycon icon pack. You can use it to create an UI that’s different and vibrant. The pack contains a number of wallpaper options aside from the icons, meaning you can create a truly unique experience. Of course, you can also blend the background with your own brand background if you want. The positive thing about this specific app is the continuous development – new improvements are regularly made to the icons.

Click UI Icon Pack

While a lot of icon packs simply change the way your icons look, Click UI can transform the whole UI in a much broader sense. The icons are round and pastel coloured – adding plenty of cute-factor to your device. Thy also sit rather uniquely in your UI. Click UI huddles the icons much closer, creating a box-like structure right in the middle of the screen. The great thing about this icon pack is the fact it also comes with a dynamic calendar and the option to icon mask.

Cobalt Icon Pack

Cobalt comes with over 2,000 custom icons and a large selection of wallpaper options to choose from. The crisp icons are modern and angular. The colours are rather elegant and add a somewhat mechanical feel to your icons. You can add a little rebellious feel – almost steam punk design – to your Android devices with these icon packs.

MIUI 5 Icon Pack

Fans of Miui ROM should definitely consider using the MIUI 5 icon pack. It’s a pack loaded with over 3,700 icons with the developers promising to add more in the near future. The icons are a classic Miui design. The colours are old-fashioned with a clear angular-design. The customised packs also contain CM13 icons and you’ll be able to use the pack with most Android launchers.

Pixel Icon Pack –Nougat Free UI

You might also want something similar to Google Pixels. The circular and softly coloured design is available with the Pixel icon pack. You have a selection of over 3,800 icons and the icon pack is compatible with most of the new Android launchers. There are added unique features – for example, you can search for the icons based on category preference.

Modern Android Icon Pack

The Modern Android icon pack has quality on its side. The development team has done fantastic work and you don’t need to worry about glitches with this pack. The design is rather unique on top of it and you’ll be able to use it with a number of custom launchers. The colours are rather subtle but the icons offer a fresh take on the classic Android design.

TrueiOS Icon Pack

Do you like the way the iOS UI looks? You might well be a fan of Apple’s design, even though you prefer using Android devices. The good news is with the TrueiOS icon pack, you can get your Android device look like the iPhone. The icons are as close a match to the original as possible – providing you with a smooth and beautiful design. The Google Play store has other iOS options as well, but the TrueiOS icon pack works the best.

Customising your Android devices

When it comes to branding and creating a personalised feel, customising devices is a small but important part of the job. You can use the above icon packs on numerous Android devices, helping you guarantee everything in the office looks detailed and fun.

You can customise Android devices in many affordable ways, aside from just using icon packs. It’s essential to have the same software and link the devices with a proper cloud service. This ensures the team can work together remotely. You can find Android software, as well as devices, in affordable prices if you shop with OZCodes. It has many retailers which offer various saving codes for the software you will require.

Now you just need to pick your favourite customisation options, select your personalised icon pack and make sure your business is on top of all the minor details in creating a unified look – from content to the devices it uses.

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