Social Media: Top 5 great stupid mistakes done by beginners

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When you enter the world of social media and networking, you are simply on the threshold of multiple opportunities- so just relax and take time out to plan how you would be using these resources to your benefit. Mistakes are imminent, even skilled people have not escaped from making small errors of judgment! Social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are the most commonly and widely used social marketing tools as they are a free resource – here are five top mistakes that you can avoid in order to use these tools more effectively:

1. Having dull and uninteresting content and shares

A blank Facebook page can put people off and would lead them to think that you were inactive. Uninteresting content or a page that has not been updated can also make people think that you were ‘out of business’. Trying to make catchy updates is a little time-consuming, but that effort is highly needed if you want to remain in the circuit. Having an account, with a long list of friends and likes is not enough. Search for interesting blogs or articles that would be of interest to your clients and share them. You could even host an exciting competition for your customers or ask some interactive questions. Do not indulge in putting up similar statuses and also do not post unwanted information.

2. Not acknowledging negative comments/feedback

Ignoring negative comments is another way of showing your customers that you are not actively involved. Give equal importance to both positive and negative feedback and try to give more emphasis while replying to negative comments so that the customers are convinced with your point-of-view. Ignoring a negative comment, might just validate their opinion about the company. If you handle negative feedback sensibly and correctly, then you might even end up winning a new customer. Hence, remember to reach out to all your customers.

3. Unorganized approach

It is important to have a plan when using social media tools. If you rush into a marketing tool without a concrete plan, then that could backfire on your objectives and lead to a lot of confusion. You might even end up losing your customers and taint your company image in the bargain! Whatever you post on the site is going to stay there permanently; hence you cannot afford to make critical mistakes that might return to haunt you. Put in some time to revise your strategy.

4. Not completing your profile information

Rushing to activate your social networking tool and leaving your profile incomplete is a serious blunder which makes the person seems unprofessional. A profile gives valuable information to your customers about yourself, your company, and your products along with contact details which add a touch of authenticity to the page. Take out some time to fill in your social media profile pages and also add a few photos to make it look lively.

5. Desperate to cross the 1000 fan mark

Beginners normally crave popularity in the first instance and the urge for proving oneself on a social networking site by managing to cross the coveted 1000-fan base in a little less than one week is a top priority. Getting a huge fan base most certainly gives you the right to brag – but are you seriously ‘friends’ with all those ‘fans’ and would you be interacting with them? Always, go for quality rather than quantity. It is important to have friends who would be interacting with you and would help you in your business. It is better to have a handful of engaged clients rather than a thousand fans!

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  1. Nizam Khan says:

    Informative post! Well, all the listed factors are really important, mainly completing the profile information with contact details, as it will be helpful for people and also shows the authority. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Nizam Khan recently posted..Building A Content Plan Off The Back Of Your Competitors SuccessMy Profile

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