Top 5 Blu-ray Video Players of 2013

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Blu-ray discs started to overwhelm the power of all the other types of discs from the day it made its first ever entry in the market – despite the fact that the cost of these blu-ray discs was quite high. Well, as a matter of fact, the prices of these blu-ray discs are still quite high, and similarly, the prices of the blu-ray video players are also a bit healthy. This means that you have to sanction a hell lot of money before buying a blu-ray video player, and when it is already decided to buy a blu-ray video player; then why not buy a top-class blu-ray video player.

Well, probably everyone would prefer to buy a top-notch blu-ray video player, and the video cables to connect them to the TV. There is one more question that which one to buy. And if you are also a bit confused, and do not know that which blu-ray video player to buy, then here is a list of the top 5 best blu-ray video players for the year 2013.

Philips BDP55000

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Philips BDP55000 is the almost best blu-ray video player of the year 2013. It supports Smart TV apps, WiFi connection and 3-D play back while also having the ability to convert 2D media into 3D media. One of the most exciting features of this blu-ray video player is that it has an option dubbed as “SimplyShare” which lets the user to play media files from his/her tablet or smartphone.

Toshiba BDX3300

player 2 Toshiba BDX3300 is the second one which we have here on the list of the top 5 blu-ray video players for the year 2013. It supports Home Networking by using Digital Living Network Alliance and is constrained to Acetrax, YouTube, iPlayer and Picassa. (In UK). The detail of the image is totally jaw-dropping and pleasurable.

Sony BDP-S5100

player 3 Sony has always been ahead when it comes to top-notch disc players. And same is the case today, because Sony BDP-S5100 is one of the best Blu-Ray media players for the year 2013. This blu-ray video player has all the features which the above mentioned blu-ray players have i.e. 3D play backs, iPlayer, WiFi and Smart TV apps. However, there is one major difference in the features of this blu-ray player as compared to the others – that is; the Sony BDP-S5100 has a feature called as “SideView” which allows its user to use her/her tablet (android or iOS) or smartphone as a secondary screen viewer.

Panasonic DMP-BDT330

player 4 This blu-ray video player by Panasonic is one of my favourite video players for the year 2013; this is mainly due to the fact that this blu-ray video player has Miracast screen mirroring support – by using this, videos and other types of media from a smartphone or a tablet can be watched on the TV. Just like the others, this video player also has WiFi and 3D play back support and also has the ability to connect with smart TV apps.

Samsung BD-F7500

player 5 The last one which we have here on the list is a pretty decent blu-ray video player from Samsung. This blu-ray player from Samsung has WiFi support, a dual core processor, analogue 7.1, 3D video playing capability and SmartView to do networking between media related files.

These are almost all the best blu-ray media players which have gained popularity in the market during the previous months of this year. If you think we have missed something then you can leave us your responses in the comment section below.

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