Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

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When your computer starts to slow down, it can be really annoying. Having a badly performing and slow PC can seriously affect our daily lives. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

speed up computerThere are various steps you can take to speed up your computer today.

Defragment your disk

Windows 7 and XP tend to suffer from disk defragmentation from time to time. When new programs get installed and the old ones get deleted, it often results with a single program that is stored on different parts of the disk, thus causing complications. When you defragment your disk every 6 months or so, you will help organise all the applications so that they have less distance to travel.

Remove Startup Programs

When you remove any programs that run on your desktop, you can improve the performance of your PC. You may also consider turning off any indexing programs that can cripple the performance of an already slow computer.


Almost all PCs have room for extra memory. If you use your computer to play games and download videos, then all these will slow it down, and pretty soon you will need to increase the computer’s memory. Your local PC technician should be able to do this task for you as well as run a quick check on your laptop or PC.

Watch For Error Messages

If you ever get error messages, you should never ignore them. These are indications that something is wrong. Errors such as the blue screen of death slow down the computer and can even cause further problems if you don’t rectify them.

Scan your computer for spyware 

Sometimes, when a PC is running slow, it could be due to a virus. A good anti-virus program can scan the file, find the virus and remove it from your system immediately. Spyware or malware cause serious problems to computers, but thanks to anti-spyware programs, you can now install a basic package for free. The advantage of having a faster PC is that you can enjoy using fiber optic internet, which is capable of handling larger files and programs.

Modify your visual settings

If your PC is still running slow and it is quite old, you may improve it by lowering the visual settings. To do this, click on start, go to Control Panel and then on the Security tab you will come across Advanced System settings. Where it says ‘adjust for best performance’ you may personalise the settings and take out all the unnecessary themes and animations that slow down you PC.

Windows registry

A corrupted Windows registry may be the culprit in the poor performance of your PC. By getting it repaired, you can instantly speed up your system. Registry cleaners delete the unnecessary files efficiently without causing any further problems.

If you are a computer novice, it would be a good idea to take your device to your local PC repair shop and get it fixed once and for all. Take a look at yellow pages and find your nearest computer repair shop today.

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  1. Sam Hunt says:

    Thanks, Thushar. I can appreciate ways to speed up pc performance and like to use the analogy of a race car. When preventative maintenance measures are taken you can be more confident about pushing your machine to the limit. I’m big on registry cleaning software and have upgraded to the speedier version to get the performance you recommend here.

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