T3Leads Affiliate Marketing: Flexible and Customizable

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T3Leads is one of the nation’s leading pay per lead affiliate networks, specializing in consumer financial products.  Affiliates generate, then post leads to the network and merchants in turn purchase them.  All of this is handled in real time.

Two key words describe the success of T3Leads:  flexibility and customization.

The network is popular with both beginning and seasoned affiliate marketers.  Beginners choose T3Leads because it requires no money up front and they can choose one of the many T3Leads designed websites and customize it for their own use.  This means they don’t even have to go to the expense of designing their website to get started in the affiliate marketing business.

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Beginner affiliates also choose T3Leads because of the network’s superior reputation and the quality of their support staff.  Each Affiliate, new or experienced, is assigned a Marketing Manager to help guide them if necessary and to provide support in account set-up and maintenance.

The T3leads reputation and vast working knowledge of the various industries they work in benefits all affiliates.  New affiliates benefit because they know with certainty that a reliable and experienced network stands behind them.  Experienced affiliates benefit because they know that T3leads knows the business inside and out and is on top of trends in the industries. This experience helps because the experienced staff at T3Leads spots trends before they happen.  They are always looking for ways to improved affiliate success.

Experienced affiliates also understand the importance of technology.  If the network isn’t easy to use and customize, it’s not worth partnering with.  Even more important, the T3Leads network is reliable and secure.  The importance of these factors becomes increases as one gain more experience in the field. T3Leads also has superior analytics to help affiliates pinpoint exactly which campaigns (keywords) are working the best.  If you need to compare campaigns from last week or from three months ago, you can do it with the T3Leads affiliates program.  They constantly are looking for ways to improve the information that is available to affiliates so that they can do better job and earn even more.

Here’s a review of the why T3Leads is one of the most successful Affiliate Networks in the world:

  • The highest payouts in the industry
  • No sign-up costs
  • Dedicated Account Manager and 24/7 support
  • Advanced lead optimization technology
  • Delivery of industry-leading merchants
  • Robust analytics and tracking platform

Simple Account Management

  • Reliable and accurate proprietary lead tracking system (version 3.0)
  • 24/7 account access
  • Robust analytics and tracking platform

Responsive Client Service and Support

  • Experienced Account Managers help with marketing and sales conversions
  • Rapid customer support available 24/7 in 3 languages (English, Russian, Spanish)

Twice Monthly Commission Payments

  • Strongest compensation packages in the business

Industry Leading Referral Program

  • T3Leads offers a unique opportunity to earn 3% percent of the gross revenue generated by Affiliates you refer to us.

It all adds up to a virtually unbeatable affiliate experience.  One that is flexible, customizable and constantly working to get better.  One that is perfect for both new and experienced affiliates.  One that delivers the goods for affiliates and merchants. All to the benefit of both parties.

The T3Leads verticals include:  US Payday, UK Payday, Canada Payday and Australia Payday;  Insurance, with a specialization in Homeowner’s and Auto; Mortgage Loans of all varieties, and Auto Loans.  T3Leads began in 2006 by generating leads for the US Payday market, then methodically, but purposefully grew to expand into the other markets.  One thing is clear – when T3Leads expands into a new vertical, they do so with every intention of being the biggest and the best!

That’s why affiliates love T3Leads.

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