Points to Remember for Mobile Apps Developers for Successful Game Designing

January 14, 20184 Comments

Introduction of latest smart phones like iPhone, Windows, Android etc. has revolutionized the mobile gaming world. Developing a mobile game has become integral part of mobile application development for its immensely growing popularity among new generation. Mobile game developers have brought much sophistication and finesse in the gaming software, which needs substantial skill and knowledge. Many of the experienced mobile apps designers make some common mistakes while creating mobile games.

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If you have started taking baby steps for developing mobile games or you are already among the mobile Apps developers, follow the below-mentioned guideline to take your endeavour to new heights:

Remember the limitations of mobile devices: Many novice mobile apps developer forget the different limitations of smart phones and mobile devices, which may lead to failure at the end. You should keep in mind about the limitation from the very beginning for successful mobile game development.

Develop Innovative Games: It is not wise to copy the already-popular games, rather apply your imagination and creativity for developing new games. Beginner level developers think that it is easier to copy the popular games for avoiding complexity of coding for their first game. But the users quickly get bored playing the same game. So it is always better to take the idea from a popular games like m88.com casino and then taking it to next level with unique concept than to blindly copy an established game.

Decide the device first before designing a game: This is very important in terms of screen resolution. Since the size and resolution of screens vary among different mobile devices, it is always wise to think of the device or OS and choose one before you step out for developing a new game. For example, Android phones come in variety of handsets with wide range of resolution difference, while different versions of iPhone have different screen size.

Plan appropriate marketing strategies: The success of any mobile game heavily depends on proper marketing and promotion. You should have a clear strategy for projecting your creation in the global market so that your product can win over other competitors.

Select your target audience: It is crucial to know for whom you are planning the game. If you want to design games for kids or toddlers your strategy will be completely different from that adopted for developing youth’s game.  It is better to do some research and feedback

Include proper sound effect: You should not forget the importance of sound for making the game more attractive. You should pay more attention for incorporating appropriate sound in the game. Also pay attention on the type of sound so that it can match the theme of game.

Release free version: You can release a free version of the game for achieving instant hold from the target audience.

Pay much attention for designing UI and character design: Developing attractive and user friendly UI is critical for alluring greater number of audience. You have to think about the nature of your targeted audience for creating suitable characters of the game so that the players can easily identify them with the character.

Be familiar with different game engines: It is crucial to gather knowledge about gaming engines and SDKs of different types of platforms.

Apart from the above mentioned guidelines, there are also several rules that mobile application development company follows to engage a bigger chunk of mobile enthusiastic population. There is no doubt that gaming world is flourishing every day and you need to adopt adequate measures for developing successful mobile games.

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  1. Angela says:

    Good post. Keep posting like this.

  2. Good Post! Mobile Games developing is the future. New games everyday and the competition is though. So if you are interested in mobile apps and gaming, start learning how to create some apps 😉
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  3. Addy Brown says:

    It’s important that users can intuitively understand how to play and get engaged within seconds.Instead of making it complex the first on-boarding steps should be easy.

  4. Gamerhome says:

    Hi Sameer, This post is well articulated and also very informative on guidelines on how to develop mobile games.I have a site built around mobile gaming apps. Feel free to check it out if you’d like to: https://gamerhome.co.uk

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