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November 1, 20120 Comments

After capturing the world with its Xperia series of Smartphones that is made on the Android Operating System, Sony mobile considering Windows 8 to bring in its next set of smartphones that would be based on the Windows 8 mobile operating system. Many experts and industry gurus consider the coming of Windows 8 as the next best thing in the smartphone industry and we could see a number of mobile phone manufacturers migrating to the windows 8 platform. The officials of the Sony who are heading the European arm of the company have confirmed this news and they are considering diversifying their product range and offer a number of options to its users.

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Sony Corporation is known to keep its options open. Ever since the breakout of Sony from Ericson, the company is eyeing aggressively to capture the lion’s share of the smartphone market. Pierre Perron, who heads out the European division of Sony said in a press statement that the company is always open to the new technologies and they have always seen Microsoft as the elder brother of the company. Microsoft has been a long standing partner for the VAIO series of laptops for providing the operating system and support. The Xperia line of smartphone is partnered by Google’s Android OS but the company is always open to the new ventures and avenues which might come in the near future. Near Field Connectivity (NFC) is one of the key parts of this partnership. The NFC would be the next best thing in the WP8.

Sony has been known for its vibrant and multimedia campaigns that would promote the Xperia line of smartphones in a better way. The Xperia has been instrumental in bringing the company out of the debt crisis and bringing it back on the path of the success. There are many other high rate Smartphones of Sony in the market.

The company was initially planning to start a line of products for the Windows Mobile but this plan never took off and Android helped the company to improve its position in the market. However, trailing a few number of handset won’t do any harm to the company and its loyal fan base. Many other major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and HTC are considering manufacturing mobile phones on the Windows 8 Operating System.

The recently concluded verdict between Apple and Samsung has highlighted the fact that there are some copyright infringements in the Android which would definitely drive up the production cost in the future. This verdict has acted as an eye opener for the other mobile phone manufacturers to explore the other alternatives besides the Android.  One can imagine the contradiction that he would face when he would have a smartphone equipped with the windows 8. Whether he would play a game in the PlayStation or on the Xbox Live which has been integrated tightly into the Windows 8 Operating System? All in all, this phone would be a treat to watch and explore, we would be definitely waiting for it.

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