How to Launch a Self Hosted WordPress Website

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Self-hosted WordPress blogs are currently the hotcakes being sold. To get a head-start in today’s online industry, an entrepreneur should think about starting with a blog about their product or service. Over recent years, building and hosting a website has become immensely easier; it only requires some knowledge on the very basic things and of course, an investment. WordPress runs on most hosting platforms which makes it even easier for newbies to initiate their startup in this online industry.

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There’s a common misconception that buying a hosting and setting up WordPress on that takes unnecessarily long time and money. That’s not entirely true, as it is way easier setting up a website using WordPress self-hosting than any other hosting services.

Step by Step

Following are the steps required to get you through the process of setting up a self-hosted WordPress website on your own.

  • Grab the Required Stuff: Some things are needed to get started. For example, you need to purchase a domain name, need a credit card that can pay for online transactions, and around half an hour of your time. The internet connection you use should be safe since sensitive data will be transferred over your connection.
  • Purchase a Hosting Account: The next thing you need is signing up for a hosting account. There are plenty of companies that provide hosting services. If you don’t want to use an international service, maybe you can even find some local companies as well. We prefer Bluehost, even though any other WordPress supported hosting company will do just fine. Bluehost hosting packages start from as low as $3.49 with the use of best bluehost coupon, and a domain name might cost you around $10. This isn’t much of an expense if you host contents that would make higher returns. Bluehost is offering some discounts for new accounts until 31st January, 2015.
  • Install WordPress on your Hosting: WordPress installation is easy. Bluehost offers one-click WordPress installation from the cPanel. Purchase a hosting that offers the same convenient feature. Installation shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes; you have to provide your credentials for the procedure. However, you might require some additional time setting up the themes and the outlooks. There are many free themes; we suggest using the paid ones. They are basically more user friendly and also offer more customizability.
  • Do Proper Maintenance: Hosting a website is whole lot of work. Even though the hosting company is going to take care of their service, you have to do your side. For example, you have to check if the contents are properly showing up in all type of device displays. Platform wise, the website should load properly and the contents should be up to date. This is your side of duty.


Self-hosted WordPress sites are better than setting up a website all on your own; in case you don’t know the whole process yet check web hosting reviews blog. Fire up the ignition and you can figure things out while the car is on the move. There are professionals for the job as well, you could also hire one.

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