Rooting Your Android Device: Side effects that will make you rethink!

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Nowadays, you can see rooting any Android based device has become a fashion among its users as they do not want to restrict themselves to the apps coming from their respective manufacturers. Though most of these users do it considering a number of benefits attached to rooting the Android devices, however, most of them do not understand several of its grave demerits, which come along with this act. In most of the android rooting cases, you could find several positive benefits of the same; however, at the long run you could face several negative side effects of the same. Let’s check out some of the side effects of Android devices in the following paragraphs.

Warranty nullification

First and foremost demerit of rooting any Android device is you end up nullifying the warranty you get from the manufacturer. This means, if you have any technical error in your device, you cannot get any replacement for your device from the manufacturer or fix the issues for free. Any technical problem you face with this issue, you could end up doing things on your own end, which could aggravate the problem when your device is handled by any inexperienced technician.

Encounter bad device performance

Another negative effect that could face while rooting your Android based device is leading to things like bad device performance. These include problems like frequent device shut downs, blank screen displays, quicker battery run down, slow booting up of device. As rooting lead to a couple of bad defects as discussed above, hence these are often being barred by the manufacturers.

Bricking risk

The issue of bricking is very rampant with rooting up the Android devices. This is basically a condition wherein the operating system of the Android based devices simply refuse to function after it is being rooted. This particular condition is known as a bricking or brick. So, when you see this problem coming in your rooted Android devices, you have limited option to get rid of this issue since by rooting you have closed the warranty gate to approach the manufacturer to fix the issue or replace the device. And it is very difficult to find any technician, who is well versed with this issue except the experts from the manufacturer’s end.

Risk of getting malicious rooting software

The rooting is often carried out by any rooting software, which is often developed by unknown developer. Hence when you choose any such software application to root your Android based device, you simply put your blind trust on the developer and you never know you could get some malicious rooting software, which can further bring in other issues and malfunctions inside your device. As most of these software applications are open source in nature hence they are more likely to carry malicious elements in it, which is more than enough to wreck havoc inside your rooted Android device.

Final word

Rooting any Android based devices could give you several benefits; however, considering the number of above demerits, you should always avoid the same. Rooting up your Android devices is simply inviting troubles in the form of negative side effects as discussed above. Can you still afford few benefits at the cost of these side effects? read articles on this blog:

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