POS Systems: A Simple Solution to Your Payment Problems

October 17, 20170 Comments

Payment acceptance has come a long way from the traditional credit card machines of the past.These days, patrons of any business are using a wider variety and much more up-to-date methods of paying the vendors they visit. In a world rapidly going paperless, shoppers often do not even carry cash anymore, and even credit cards are only the beginning of ways people want to pay for their products.


Even in small and mobile purchasing locations, cash just is no longer cutting it; for convenience and security, customers are adapting to an advanced new world of wireless and Internet-based payment, and as a business owner, so should you.

Credit Card Machines

Let’s start with the basics: business owners know that to rake in any feasible profit, a credit card machine is key. We offer a wide variety of credit card machines at Merchant Solutions, all of which have a multitude of helpful features for your business. A variety of processing machines allow you to accept the new payment methods your clients will bring in from traditional credit cards to chipped cards and smartphone payments.

Touch-Screen and Wireless Terminals

But your options for fast, safe, and secure merchant processing do not end there. Merchant Account Solutions also offers the Poynt Merchant-Facing Screen touch-screen terminal and its Poynt Customer-Facing screen pad for customer touch-signatures. These reliable touch payment processors conveniently work with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 3G cellular technologies, while coming equipped with a state of the art hybrid EMV/MSR card reader slot.

If you need card transactions done anytime, anywhere, then take a look at the PAX S90, Ingenico IWL250 and Verifone VX680 wireless credit card terminals, all offering high-speed functionality for quick card transactions anywhere you need to take a payment. No matter how conventional or unconventional your location, with POS, you’ll always have reliable and safe processing of payment transactions.

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