Pokki, Mac like app store for PC

June 16, 20120 Comments

You have always felt the urge to get a Mac like app store for PC. Mac app store features some really good apps that run on the Mac machines and increases the functionality of the machine for the user. Also, at the same time it gives you a slick mobile apps like experience on Macs.

I found a really good optional app store for PCs. Its call Pokki.


Pokki consists of many useful and functional apps like the Facebook client, tweeki a twitter client and many other apps. Best of all, these apps are built on HTML5, CSS and javascript! No heavy programs, no nothing. Just download the main Pokki client and you are all set to install the apps from Pokki app store.

Try Pokki Now!


Pokki- FB client


Pokki- tweeki, twitter client

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