Playster vs Audible: Which audiobook service is right for you?

February 7, 20177 Comments

If you love audiobooks — their convenience really can’t be beat! — you have a couple of options when it comes to streaming services. Unfortunately, in recent months, many have become more restrictive than ever before.

Getting unlimited access to audiobooks is something we dream of, but due to the harsh realities of licensing (and the hefty price tag that comes along with it), Scribd and Audible have recently downsized their offering to include a credit scheme and pay-per-play service. The unlimited business model has even resulted in Oyster shutting down.

There is a new contender in town, however, claiming to offer completely unlimited access to audiobooks and ebooks for just $9.95 per month: Playster. Let’s take a closer look at how this new platform stacks up against Amazon’s heavyweight, Audible.

What does it cost?

Audible charges users $14.95 per month to enjoy one audiobook of their choice. If they want to read more, they have to purchase credits to be able to consume additional content, which can translate into serious fees for big book lovers.

Playster’s book subscription costs a flat $9.95 per month and users have absolutely no limits or restrictions. Members are free to listen to as many audiobooks as they want (and read as many e-books as they like) without having to worry about buying credits, hidden fees or price surges. This makes it ideal for avid readers, as well as for families — up to three people can share one subscription!

CEO Philip Keezer recently explained his willingness to offer unlimited streaming despite what others in the industry are doing, in an interview with Digital Book World. “Subscription services are expensive as it is, and when you start looking at more than one it can quickly become unmanageable,” said Keezer.

“We knew we could offer people better value by bundling it all together. All-in-one subscription is also a lot more convenient, and it’s completely unrivalled as a discovery platform. The fact you can discover content from other media types based on your user profile makes it so much easier to find new things.”

How does it work?

Both Audible and Playster offer a free 30-day trial, allowing folks to become familiar with the service before signing up. However, what sets Playster apart is that it offers users the ability to upgrade to an all-inclusive entertainment package. This includes unlimited access to audiobooks, books, music, movies and games for just $24.95 per month. That translates into having all of your favorite entertainment in one place, all of which can easily be accessed through the Playster app or your browser. What’s more, you can stream content both online and offline.

What content is available?

Audible offers 180,000 audiobooks, as well as TV programs, radio and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. Playster, on the other hand, has a vast selection of over 65,000 of today’s hottest audiobooks (all made available on the same day as the physical book’s release), plus millions of songs, movies and games.

Which audiobook streaming service is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Davis Steven says:

    Thanks for the information

  2. donmaps says:

    This is just an add for Playster, not an unbiased review. Steer clear.

  3. Rhonda Durham says:

    Playster is so maddening doesn’t work half the time, then randomly stops working mid sentence.

  4. Paul says:

    I am an subscriber and have been for many years. Yes, you only get one book per credit which is $14.95 a month, for me it’s worth it. I listen while I’m driving or flying. I can download it to my iPhone and have it anytime I want to listen to it. Convenient for me or any one on the go.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I am a voracious audio consumer and particularly love audiobooks. I’ve tried several different options, including both audible and playster. While my preference would be unlimited access for a monthly fee, I found the playster app buggy in the extreme on an iPhone, enough that it drives me up the wall. It will stop playing, won’t respond to start/stop from headphones, and it loses track of where I am in a book. Since most of my audio consumption happens while I’m driving, this is problematic. Until the service improves, I’ll stick with audible.

  6. Patti Temple says:

    Playster has just increased their monthly audible “Premium” subscription to $46.99! From $14.99. There are rare to none non-premium books worth listening to. I just canceled my Playster subscription. Will stick with Audible, Hoopla and local Library.

  7. Ginger Wright says:

    I won’t sign up for playster because they don’t have a list of books that are available BEFORE you sign up.

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