Prepaid mobile users: No more ISD calling facility for you

September 9, 20121 Comment

Currently in India, ISD calling facility is available for all prepaid subscribers by default. Means all the users can make ISD (International calls without any activation of special calling package). If your remaining balance more than certain threshold value (usually more than 10/- INR) then you can make, At least connect the international call. But today TRAI- Telecomm Regulatory Authority of India decides to deactivate this by default ISD facility to all Indian prepaid mobile users. If anyone wants the service he can make a request for that. So the ISD will be available to only those limited number of customers who really want to use it. There are no extra charges for the activation of ISD, there will be same ISD calling rates as per the TRAI.

iternation call banned in india


When the service will discontinue?

TRAI announces that it gives the confirmation SMS to all the prepaid consumers regarding the discontinuation of the ISD calling facility. We all will get such a SMS within 10 days and the ISD service will be discontinue after 60 days.

How can I activate the ISD again or continue same?

If you want to activate the ISD calling facility on your number you can apply for same. If you are already using same and don’t want to stop the ISD calling service anyway then you can make the application for it within 60 days.

Why TRAI is deactivating such a service?

There are lots of complaints coming daily regarding international missed calls. Such a missed calls coming from premium number and if by mistake we try to call back to such number then high balance will get deducted for that. Even few people are getting SMS from International numbers saying that they won big prize or anything similar to that and to claim the prize just send confirmation SMS. But that all are almost fake SMS and if you reply to such international SMS then it will cost you premium SMS charge.

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