New trends in social media and SEO

September 27, 20120 Comments

The use of social media as an integral component of SEO technique is no more a novelty. Here is a list of some tactics that will witness mass adoption by businesses of all scales in the coming year.

Driving marketing intelligence: The previous year witnessed the coming up of a vast array of technology that enabled social media monitoring so as to obtain sophisticated data for gauging the sentiments of customers to drive marketing strategies. This year, the practice will move a step ahead and combine all kinds of disparate data so as to form a unified marketing intelligence. A number of tools are already in use for the purpose, and loads more can be expected. Platforms will help the marketers make better decisions based on this marketing intelligence.

Harnessing Face book: With Face book about to gather a billion users, it is seriously no joke anymore. Till now businesses tended to focus on the quantity of their Face book following, rather than the quality of fans acquired. The coming year will see companies channelling their energy towards profitability, along with a sharp ROI focus on Face book contests, ads, promotions etc. Also, more and more companies will come to realize that Face book can be used to measure more than the just the linear conversion of fan to customer. Marketers will also be able to gauge the non linear paths for measurement of ROI, for example creating exclusive Face book promos to attract people to retail stores. Apart from large-scale retailers, small and medium-scale companies will also be adopting this strategy. Moreover, advertisers will measure ads on Face book according to how much profit is earned in terms of revenue or cost savings.

The advanced Google Plus: Google will be offering a number of new features, and Google+ pages will become considerably more business-friendly. One major advantage with Google is that it integrates lots of other Google properties as well from paid search ads to YouTube to Google Reader and loads more.

Emphasis on Quality Content: The demand for engaging, unique and relevant content is higher than ever. The past has witnessed a crazy rush of companies trying to create content for the sole purpose of SEO, but all their efforts went for a toss thanks to Google’s Panda update – a much-required, timely intervention by Google. This year will witness a proper structure being adopted by businesses in order to provide uniqueness to increase engagement levels – a holistic approach.

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