New iPads on March – Already on the way

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A few weeks after releasing the iPad Mini, sources say that Apple is whipping up a new, fifth generation iPad set to be released on March 2013. While many would think that this is rather abrupt, I am sure that more people are just dying to know what’s coming next for this almost necessity.

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Improved iPad Mini?

Surely, one of the reasons behind the design of the iPad Mini is that people are looking for something more portable. The first four models of the iPad were bulky and usually needed another bag when brought from one place to another. With the iPad Mini, it’s different. Women were now able to bring their iPads in their small bags or purses.

But of course, Apple never stops from offering something new every single time. Now, the rumored iPad to be released on March may be another iPad Mini, but this time with more power and speed. This means that we can now expect an iPad Mini with the speed of the iPad 4 released in the latter 2012.

Another interesting rumor (that many of us surely expect) is the Retina display for the iPad Mini. Consumers were surprised last November when the iPad Mini came with the older display. However, I’m sure that none of us was surprised to know that the iPad Mini with the Retina display will arrive sooner or later. We just have to confirm if it will be on March already.

Thinner and lighter iPad?

Nowadays, newer models of gadgets tend to be thinner, smaller or lighter. Since Apple took care of the “smaller” aspect last November, spectators are expecting that they will work on the thinner and lighter aspects now. The Japanese blog Macotakara says that the latest model will exhibit a reduction of 4mm in height, 17mm in width and 2mm in depth to its 9.7-inch tablet. This means that the new iPad will be as thin as the iPad Mini. Another convincing rumor is for the new iPad to have white and silver, and black and slate colors similar to smaller counterpart.

New features

Currently, the rumors bank on the physical attributes of the iPad. Little is known about what new features the tablet may bring on March.

A new product on the way?

Aside from the iPad, rumors about a new Apple product have surfaced these holidays. This time, it’s not just about the iPhone or the iPad but the entire living room. No, it’s not just the Apple TV. Spectators are talking about the possibility of a cloud system that allows you to control all your home devices. The rumors came to light when sources said that the company Id8 Group R2 Studios, a company that designed an Android app that lets homeowners control light, thermostat, etc using their devices, came into talks with Apple, Google and Microsoft. As of now, no one has confirmed what these talks are about.

The ongoing buzz about these rumors just shows how powerful Apple is in the current gadget market. Despite the recent introduction of the iPad Mini that many received last Christmas, it seems that people are very eager to know about the latest offerings, and if they need to save up again for March.

From dads who use the device to work from home through services virtual office, to kids who color through the Crayola App on his way to school, Apple has, indeed, created a new market niche through the iPad.

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