Meet Cid, CyanogenMOD’s new mascot

April 6, 20120 Comments


CyanogenMOD has a new mascot. He is named “Cid“. CyanogenMOD decided to retire Andy/Bugdroid. 

This was announced on CyanogenMOD’s official blog by Caio Alves. He said,

When I first started working on the new mascot I had this vision of making something that could also work as a polished and modern logo. I came up with two humanoid figures whose bodies took inspiration from heroes action figures and resembles the original Android robot. For the heads I started with two ideas: a power socket and a simplistic round head. I wanted CM’s own robot to feel like an evolution of what we had before, giving it its unique look – and it’s a huge challenge to try to evolve something people know and love.

Cid actually stands for C.I.D (not the Indian TV show!) which means Cyanogenmod ID.

Personally I think that Cid looks good. He is handsome. With more wider eyes and different colour he looks better than the real Android bot to me.

Anyways, nice to see you Cid.

Source – CyanogenMOD’s Blog

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