I Remember When…. Is Traditional Advertising a Viable Option?

September 11, 20120 Comments

It goes without saying that to have a successful blog people have to know about it; or in other words—marketing. Of course, marketing is just another word for advertising, which, when I was a kid, was pretty simple and straight-forward. I remember the paper landing on our doorstep every Sunday, chock full of advertisements for all of the local businesses. Considering that my mom would plan our weekly meals around these advertisements, I would have to say that it works.

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However, that was several years (well….decades, but who’s counting?) and it is safe to say that advertising methods such as newspaper ads, television commercials, radio advertising, and flyers, are a more “traditional” means of advertising. Now however, advertising methods have modernized, combining contemporary elements of both old and new to create a lethal marketing cocktail.

While the modern, digitized advertising medium has definitely taken over in popularity, there are still some out there who are profiting from the old “tried-and-true,” traditional methods of yesteryear. I’m sure we have all have seen folks passing out flyers (or laying them under your windshield wiper when you least expect it) in various parking lots around your neighborhood. While this may seem like a daunting task, you would be surprised at how effective this median for advertising truly is. Business cards, pens, water bottles, and various other items promotional teams want to throw at you are all, no doubt, going to brand the logo and name of somebody or something. Why? Well maybe, just maybe, you will take that crumpled-up business card out of your pocket, and visit the website plastered on the front.

The same could be said for other advertising methods as well. Look at how many people crowd in front of their television sets for hours on end, every single day too. Who can blame them too? When you look at how far television has come—with that massive seventy-inch LED flat screen mounted on the wall—I’d be glued to the TV too. Now granted, most television channels these days are available commercial-free, that does not mean there isn’t a massive audience still enduring those “pesky” commercials, some of which are quite lucrative for the businesses behind them.

Consider this as “food for thought,” something to ponder when considering how to expand your blog or website’s exposure. Yes, a digital, contemporary marketing campaign pairs well with a digital, contemporary blog, but if you combine these cutting-edge new tactics with the traditional tactics that have already proven themselves, then chances are good that you will only see benefits. So when you put together you next marketing scheme, try throwing a little towards airtime on the television or radio, or perhaps even invest in a couple thousand business cards to carelessly leave in precarious places.

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