How to convert your idea into meaningful design

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You can conquer the world with just an idea! It is true indeed but only when your idea gets properly mapped into other people’s minds and this will happen only when it is properly administered and presented. You may be full of ideas one day but if you cannot present it properly to your audiences it has not meaning left at the end of it all. Same is the case with industrial design which is nothing but a beautiful mix of the best fields: Applied Science and Art.

3d design procedure

You would actually observe that designs in this field are a mix of aesthetics and structures which are heavily used in fields like architecture, product designing etc. If you are an industrial designer you don’t just form ideas for designing but also devise ways to advertise and market it. It is not every day that you get a marketable idea but when you do you should know how to convert it into a presentable form for the audience you are catering to.

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The Era of Animation & Simulation

In the past people used to create their designs using pen and paper and it used to be really difficult to create the actual dimensions and unleash your creativity on an A4 size paper. If you wished for the character to talk to you in some way it was really not possible in that paper. But today with the various design simulation and animation software you can actually live represent your designs and create an experience. If you wish people to know how exactly the design would work just a few codes in the animation software and there your people would be actually viewing the way this product would work. With the software available in the market you are not just representing an idea but also creating an experience.

You have all the aid in your hand and you know how to use them but this still does not mean you have won the battle of communicating your idea. You first need to know which idea needs to be communicated and how it needs to be communicated before you actually communicate it.

Customer is the King                             

If you are about to design a product for a customer it should not be something you will be using but something you sure know your customer needs and would want to use. Your designs should be unique, a must-have something for the customers as well as fitting the bill of customer’s needs. If you cannot manage something that the customer wants your idea is sure going to get scrapped the first minute. So before you actually animate and present your ideas know which idea you are going to represent.

Pro activity is the Key

You need to be professionally involved, creating your own designs, looking at them with the critic’s eye and making you can actually design better. Involve yourself proactively in order to get better plans and design better. If you look at every angle of the design with the critic’s eye and the customer’s needs you would surely get the best design.

Strategize Your Plans

Remember you are not just being an industrial designer but also the marketer for your own product. Your idea needs to get converted to an industrial design before you can go out and market it properly. You need to first understand your business needs, customer needs and design the product. Once you have a design template in hand you should first strategize your communication. The design then needs to be advertised based on that big idea out of which this product was nurtured in the first place. Strategizing every step of the product design helps.

3d planIdeas that are Business Oriented

Your idea should help grow your business. So make sure you have a USP associated to your product which would help it grow in the proper way and sell. It is only when you have put all your efforts, passion and creativity to the design that you would be aware of all the attributes and the creativity would be able to give out that one unique place to your product. This unique attribute is the one that would help you convert your idea into presentation.

The Ultimate Solution

The industrial design needs to offer a cutting edge solution to the customer which would make them want to buy that solution over others in the same category. Use of animation software can help show the solution and actual working of the design at presentation stage. Make sure your design and marketing efforts are all ethical and provide society a better tomorrow.

As they say an idea is just a beautiful thought till it is converted to a perfect design. So make sure you don’t miss out converting your idea into an experience.

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    You have shown the basic strategy in this post. Can you give some more insight regarding a complete toolkit one must have to design the idea? I will be more than happy if you post some thing like that.

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