How Behavioral Targeting Can Produce Sales

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Online marketers have become privy to methods of optimizing their websites to increase sales. Behavioral targeting is a topic most of them have come across and use as part of the website optimization arsenal. In an age where social influence plays an important role in consumer behavior, understanding the principles of behavioral targeting will set you on a path to maximizing your profits through social media.

What is Behavioral Targeting?

Behavioral targeting is used by ad agencies to capture and hold the interest of their customers. In e-commerce, it’s an essential technique used to increase campaign interest and reception. The behavior of a particular demographic is analyzed in increasing the effectiveness of campaigns and leading to more conversions and sales. This technique is effective at getting your target audience interested in your website, click an advertisement you posted, and eventually place an order or make a purchase.

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How Does Behavioral Targeting Work?
A good study of the target market and the interests to which you’re catering to is essential in starting any behavioral targeting endeavor.

Two types of behavioral targeting exist, which are related to the two types of website content advertising. First is onsite behavioral targeting, and second is network behavioral marketing.

Onsite Behavioral Targeting: This form of behavioral targeting is used by sites that publish news or other similar updates. It monitors the browsing patterns and interests of the user in after the data is analyzed.

The site then displays a pre-programmed offering of content that falls in line with their interests and tastes. This increases the chance they’ll dig deeper into the site and stay longer.

Next is network behavioral marketing: This type of marketing is more suited for advertising companies, since it taps directly into networking sites where potential customers are. The browsing history and behavior of site visitors is observed, allowing the advertiser to show custom-tailored product promotions based on their preferences.
Using Social Networking Alongside Behavioral Targeting
When used in combination, both of these tools will produce effective results. The following are guidelines in ensuring you get the most out of them.
Increasing Conversions
Facebook and twitter can be used in tandem as powerful tools in increasing conversions. You might also choose to launch a social media campaign in increasing conversions. For instance, on Facebook you can take a look at your statistics to get a feel for who is viewing your content and use that data to determine which content is best to show to your followers, members, or visitors of this social network.
This information can also be used in determining which advertisements to show. How many times is a facebook ad clicked? Which content is most popular? Is there a part of the page the visitors stayed longer? Monitor and analyze these results in getting a better understanding of content that works on Facebook.

Increasing Sales

You’ll also see an increase in sales when using behavioral targeting and social media marketing. Behavioral targeting ensures the right ads are placed in the right pages. You’ll also develop a keen understanding from user’s preferences, and what to recommend to them. Finally, be sure to include a call to action to elicit the desired response – this can be in the form of a “Purchase Now” text link or a simple statement that leads them to clicking on the ad.

You’ve probably come across behavioral targeting before, and just didn’t know about it.

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