Former Nokia Employees About To Launch MeeGo Smartphone with Nokia Discarded Technology

July 10, 20120 Comments
Nokia Employees About To Launch MeeGo Smartphone


In a bizarre twist of irony, a technology that had been discarded by the Smartphone Giant Nokia is going to be resurrected by Jolla, a start-up group created by former Nokia employees. The technology in question is Meego, a Linux based operating system developed as a joint venture between Nokia and Intel. It was first announced in the Mobile World Congress in 2010. It runs on both ARM-based devices and traditional x86 devices. Naturally, it has the potential to power bulky computers, laptops, notebooks, mobile devices and even automobile telecom devices. Inside the MeeGo there are a number of graphical user interfaces- the Netbook UX, Handset UX, Tablet UX, MeeGo OS v1.2 (for smartphones). There have been talks of Intel launching a version of MeeGo for Smart TV. In early July 2012, Nokia’s MeeGo developers declared that they would part ways with the MeeGo OS.

Last year Nokia bid adieu to MeeGo and its very own Symbian to move to greener pastures, namely, the Windows platform. However, whether this move has been smart is left to debate as Nokia declared that their operating margin in Q1 has been negative 3%! Moreover, the Finland based company expects Q2 will be worse.

However, despite Nokia’s reluctance to back the open source software platform, Jolla wants to keep the Linux based MeeGo alive through a Smartphone. As the MeeGo team members left Nokia, throwing the fate of the completely swipe-enabled platform in a limbo, Jolla chipped in saying they would like to keep the wick burning. The former elite members of the N9 team (including the director of the project), with vast knowledge of the Linux based operating system, plan to give MeeGo a new mould in form of a Smartphone. There are some fundamental differences between Jolla and Nokia- Jolla’s interpretation of MeeGo will be related to their partly HTML5 driven Mer Project. The user interface will also have to be completely different to make it compatible with the Jolla Smartphone.

MeeGo is not being actively developed anymore as a Linux based operating system. Much of the attention has now been shifted over to the Tizen Linux operating system that focuses on web based technology. However, MeeGo has not gone completely extinct as the open source continuation of MeeGo project, called Mer, is still on. The Mer will feature in Jolla’s new Smartphone along with MeeGo. The integration of the two will be based on a new user interface.

Since the brains involved in this project have had association with Nokia, one can only hope their knack for precision and crisp design will carry through and fans won’t be disappointed by the apparent absence of a Nokia vessel.

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