Facebook Messenger for Windows OFFICIALLY out now

March 6, 20120 Comments

The Facebook chat messenger for Windows was leaked in December last year. The messenger for Windows is officially out now and is available for download. The messenger lessens the pain we experience while chatting with our buddies on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Its really easy to install and use. You just have to download and install the 494 KB setup and install it in your PC. It will quietly sit in the system tray. When you try to log in, you will be prompted to log in through your browser.

After you have logged in you can chat with your friends. Yes, it supports multiple tabs and also has the much “discussed” ticker. It is also light on resources. It is only supported by Windows 7 and the Vista version is on its way but there’s no doughnut for Windows XP users (one more reason to upgrade?).

But I don’t know why Facebook has ignored other operating systems like Ubuntu and it is also used by a large portion of users. Linux distros are still waiting for the “Video chat service”. Maybe Facebook will release something for Linux users too.

Anyways. Can’t wait to try it out? Download link is right below.

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