Estimation: General Electric Ousted by Google

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The greatest things in life are free. However, as part of the most basic premises in Economics, there is no free lunch. Therefore, these great things in life are not truly free and do not fall from the skies. They have to be produced from hard work, sweat, blood, and tears. The final element?Passion. It is only with passion that everything falls into place accordingly. Even though one is not better than the other, if passion is absent, then doing the work is robotic. The passion for success is apparent not only in people, but also in companies. The collective effort of people’s passion has been incorporated into their respective companies which have then succeeded in their respective fields. Despite harsh competition, these companies have risen to the occasion.


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Just recently, Yahoo Finance released the Top Ten Most Valuable Companies of 2012. It is not a shocker that Apple takes the lead with $623.78 billion with their iPhones and Mac laptops as famous products. Exxon Mobil follows the leader with $427.64 billion, which comes from oil and gas. The Microsoft Empire comes third with $250.01 billion after they take the lead in the information technology industry. The powerhouse Wal-Mart goes fourth with $249.71 billion that they got from retail shopping. Google takes center stage as fifth with $245.97 billion with profits coming from information technology. As a conglomerate with profits coming from various sources, General Electronics accumulated $240.44 billion. IBM gets a good chunk of $239.29 billion from information technology as well. PetroChina raises the Chinese flag for making it on the list with $236.36 billion from oil and gas. Chevron Corporation and Royal Dutch Shell get the ninth and tenth place with $229.93 billion and $223.16 billion respectively.

It is a shocker to see that Google climbed the ladder a little higher than GE. Being a conglomerate, GE gets profits from various sources like electronics, transportation, and energy. GE is considered one of the best companies in the world and is one of the most desired companies to work for. Google also has the same credentials as GE but they differ in the industries that they pursue. Google has become one of the best places for programmers and IT experts to work. Googleplex in California is perceived to be a playground workplace.

GE did not have the magic Google has. They even have controversies to face especially in environmental issues and laying off one-fifth of their workforce. What makes Google climb the ladder of the most valuable companies is the company’s passionate and aggressive expansion. From a search engine site, they have become a company that has a social networking site, browser, mail services, electronic books archive, and a smartphone operating system. Because of Google’s massive expansion, they have captured a big chunk of the market, both online and with cell phones. Google products are a hit. Strong consumer demand has contributed to Google’s rise of profits. Google is so big that when you want to sell your cell phone, look for directions, or even read books; Google gives you a multitude of selections to choose from.

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