Essential Security Steps for iPhone Fanatics

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People having iPhones have all reasons to get obsessed to their smartphone devices. The reasons are simple; iPhone is an excellent device, with loads of cool applications to try along with having a very nice interface for the users. It can hardly boar anyone. However, the fanatics are seen using these devices for long and experimenting in many ways, which pose few security issues. Also, being so sophisticated in nature, iPhones are the most steal-able devices at the moment. Hence if someone steal your iPhone, what would you do is the big question to answer.


The fact is, with few security measures, you may not regret a lot while losing your iPhone. The below is the list of some essential security steps for iPhone fanatics. Let’s check them out:

Auto Lock and Pass-code

This comes as the basic preventive measurement, which an iPhone fanatic could take to secure his or her device. This step would prevent you to become the victim of opportunism. Setting your iPhone for an automatic lock after a specific period of inactivity time and having a password to unlock it would definitely prevent people to use it in your absence. This is only useful when you have left your phone at your home or workplace or lost it somewhere. At such junctures, no one would be able to access your personal stuff inside your iPhone. The only thing you need to remember is to put a tough pass-code, which is really hard to crack.

The Wi-Fi safety measurement

Wi-Fi is among the most vital feature of iPhone, which you use to connect the internet. But at the same time it is the biggest security concerns as well. The first thing you need to do is to take care is the Security Hole 1, wherein the home network is encrypted which will prevent others to use it without your knowledge. Avoid using your iPhone over a non encrypted network since it has several security risks, hence securing it at your home network is advisable. Checking the Security Hole 2, you need to enable the option – ‘ask to join network’ over your iPhone device. This will keep you away from connecting several unsecured networks. Without enabling this option, your phone will be connected to a wrong network inviting problems for you.

Activate the Data Wipe option

There is a feature of Data Wipe in iPhone, which acts when some tries to hack your iPhone by putting a wrong password. This simply acts like a robust kind of security layer, which you will be pleased to use. However, this could act against you if in case the kids in your home try some wrong pass code several times, the device would automatically wipe away your data and put it in the original factory mode thus creating lots of stress to bring back all your data and settings. With diligent use and regular data backup you could easily find a solution to this drawback.

Have good iPhone insurance

The biggest security threat is having your iPhone device stolen. Though the data inside your iPhone device is vital and could be misused if gets accessible to criminal minds but even the cost of the phone seems to be exorbitant. Another best way to secure your phone is by having a proper insurance cover for the same. You will find iPhone insurance covers in different types hence better check the relevant one to secure your device.

Final word

All these tips would help you in securing your iPhone and the data saved inside it. But at the same time make sure you remain vigilant all the time as vigilance could be called as man’s best weapon. Being careful for your iPhone device along with the above essential security tips you could continue using your device for a long run.

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