Does your broadband slow you down? What makes the internet faster?

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In this fast-paced life where most people depend on the Internet for various online activities such as shopping, browsing, chatting, business, and more, speed of the Internet is given more value. The most frustrating part of any Internet is its slow connectivity. When you are eager to open any website for some important information and your connectivity is down, you are surely bound to lose patience.

broadband speedThere could be various reasons for broadband to slow down:

  • You may be running multiple programs on the Internet at the same time
  • PC may not have adequate Internet bandwidth
  • Your laptop or PC is too old to handle the broadband usage

However, there are many different ways that can help you to make your Internet run faster

  • Downloading Speed test

You can check the speed of your Internet online that will tell you the exact download and upload speed. If you have opted for a plan of 50 Mbps and the test results shows 30 Mbps then it’s time for you to call your service provider like bt broadband uk. This test will help you to understand your Internet Speed connectivity. All you need to do is open a web browser and click on

  • Check your phone

Check if your land line phone is not damaged or dead because even a minute damage may affect your internet speed. You can contact your phone operator and solve the issue immediately.

  • Close Internet programs

Running or accessing too many websites at one time can be one of the major reasons of slow connectivity. If you are using email program and chat messenger simultaneously which take a lot of bandwidth space can cause your broadband to slow down. You must know your bandwidth limit before you open up too many websites simultaneously. To make it faster, you can hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE and click on the processes tab and stop all the programs that are currently using Internet connectivity. This will help you to boost your internet speed.

  • Registry Cleaning

Sometimes it may not be a fault of your service provider for slow internet connection; it can be due to your PC. A registry is an important feature of the PC that stores all the information and settings of your PC or laptop. It also stores the various Internet functions. There could be many settings that may have got corrupted and can be a cause for slow connectivity. To clean your registry, you can use a registry cleaner that scans through your PC and fixed any damaged or corrupt file.

  • Watch out for free users

If you are using a WiFi connectivity, which can be easily shared and connected. There could be many people who would take advantage of WiFi connectivity and use it for free. Too many users accessing the Internet from the same broadband provider may also affect your Internet speed. You must ensure that you have a security password to restrict the use of your internet connectivity from free users.

The above pointers should help you to boost your Internet speed and enjoy the service.

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  1. Yaszone says:

    Thanx to know us …….keep sharing bro
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  2. michael says:

    The speed test is something you should do anyway. It’s very important and often comes as a surprise.
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