Does North Coast Financial Serve San Francisco?

November 23, 20170 Comments

North Coast Financial in San Francisco is one of the best places for San Francisco real estate investors to get a hard money loan. Whenever they need hard money lenders San Francisco house flippers and real estate developers can turn to North Coast Financial. North Coast Financial operates in many locations throughout the state of California and offers a big variety of financial products. Despite the wide reach of its services, it still has a small business vibe. Its brokers can give you personalized advice depending on your project goals and your individual financial history.


Which Services Does North Coast Financial Provide in San Francisco?

If you are doing a real estate project in San Francisco, you can get almost any kind of hard money loan through North Services Financial. The company deals especially with short-term, low-interest loans secured by real estate. These can generally be called “hard money loans,” but they are actually many different kinds. These are some of the financial services you can get from North Coast Financial in San Francisco:

  • Bridge loans – very quick and short-term loans, ideal for averting foreclosure or buying a property that is only on the market a short time
  • Fix and flip loans – can get you started on a house flipping project
  • Commercial hard money loans – fast money for buying commercial real estate
  • Probate loans – ideal for buying out relatives with whom you have jointly inherited real estate

Other Locations Besides San Francisco

You can benefit from the financial services of North Coast Financial in San Francisco and also in other areas. North Coast Financial also operates in other parts of California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

If you need a loan for a real estate project in San Francisco, North Coast Financial is the place to go.

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