Doctor’s guide to protect your wordpress Installation from bad minds

April 13, 20151 Comment

Did you know that WordPress is the most popular open source CMS in the world? Approximately 15% of websites in the world use them. But that’s just one side of the coin. With increasing popularity, it will be just opening doors for h@ckers and exploits. You need to take care to protect your WordPress Installation.   Installed […]

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World’s Popular CMS WordPress (Infographic)

October 15, 20121 Comment

WordPress is the world’s popular content management system and a dynamic blogging tool that is developed using technologies such as PHP and MYSQL. WordPress offers several free plug-ins, plug-in architecture and various themes that aids the novice website builders to design a site in easy and effective manner. Till date, there have been 98 version […]

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WordPress 3.4 is out. Here’s how it feels to me

June 14, 20120 Comments
WordPress 3.4

I am a great fan of WordPress  and today morning when I logged into my dashboard a pleasant surprise was already waiting for me. WordPress 3.4 it was and it has been released. I’ll say that you should not wait and update it right away! I did and I’ll be writing a few things about it in this […]

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