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5 Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Possess

April 9, 20152 Comments
digital marketing

There is a very important set of intrinsic skills that a Digital Marketer should possess in order to make it in this game. A Digital Marketer must be able to take on the persona of many separate characters, channelling the ability to mould them into one effective professional. These personas are: The Investigator In an […]

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Could the new Myspace become fashionable again?

March 20, 20130 Comments

Myspace – once a haven for every single person with a hankering to be social online, and as of years ago, a wasteland populated only by bands and those who became slightly too attached to their top eight friends rotation schedule. However, after a considerable amount of re-branding (minus the famous Myspace Tom, having left […]

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Social Media: Top 5 great stupid mistakes done by beginners

November 2, 20121 Comment

When you enter the world of social media and networking, you are simply on the threshold of multiple opportunities- so just relax and take time out to plan how you would be using these resources to your benefit. Mistakes are imminent, even skilled people have not escaped from making small errors of judgment! Social media […]

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5 Ways to Build Trust on Social Media

October 10, 20121 Comment

Promoting your brand on social media is useless if you don’t gain your audience’s trust.  Social media is more than a tool for dumping your links.  Without active engagement, your social media site will simply be a social media graveyard. That said, it’s important to know that each social media site has its own formats […]

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