Choosing Between Windows 7 And Windows 8 – Which one?

January 18, 20130 Comments

Since the advent of the Windows operating system for everyday home computing in 1995, Microsoft has striven to make additions and improvements with every version of the operating system it has released. These additions and improvements have been relevant to the technology that was prevalent and available at the time, and as such, the Windows […]

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Windows 8 never failed – 3 Reasons, Why?

December 27, 20122 Comments

Finally the Windows 8 is launched officially all over the globe. Although it is receiving lot of appreciation all around but few experts are surrounded by doubts that whether Window 8 will be able to meet the basic as well as advance demands of the people are not? Whatever, but these doubts seem not to […]

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Sony mobile considering Windows 8 mobile platform

November 1, 20120 Comments

After capturing the world with its Xperia series of Smartphones that is made on the Android Operating System, Sony mobile considering Windows 8 to bring in its next set of smartphones that would be based on the Windows 8 mobile operating system. Many experts and industry gurus consider the coming of Windows 8 as the next […]

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Microsoft unveils Surface tablets, 10.6 inches, Powered by Windows 8

June 19, 20123 Comments
Microsoft Surface Windows 8

Finally, after so many rumors and other speculations, Microsoft has finally released their new Surface tablets. The tabs come in two version and we will be talking about both in brief. These tablets will be powered by Windows 8 and Windows RT. In the two options available for the Microsoft Surface, one will be powered by Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge chips running […]

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Pokki, Mac like app store for PC

June 16, 20120 Comments

You have always felt the urge to get a Mac like app store for PC. Mac app store features some really good apps that run on the Mac machines and increases the functionality of the machine for the user. Also, at the same time it gives you a slick mobile apps like experience on Macs. I […]

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Acer Announces Aspire S7 series ultrabooks comes with Windows 8 ootb

June 4, 20122 Comments
acer windows 8 laptop

Another addition to the Acer’s list of Windows 8 devices. This time its a touch screen Ultrabook. This series is called the S7 series and comes in the versions of 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches of display. The specs are not released yet. But Engadget did two hands on videos. Watch them below. [youtube id=”OIb0Evl_zm4″ […]

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