Sony mobile considering Windows 8 mobile platform

November 1, 20120 Comments

After capturing the world with its Xperia series of Smartphones that is made on the Android Operating System, Sony mobile considering Windows 8 to bring in its next set of smartphones that would be based on the Windows 8 mobile operating system. Many experts and industry gurus consider the coming of Windows 8 as the next […]

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Nokia Lumia 920 Review: The Power of Windows in your hand

October 29, 20121 Comment
nokia lumina

In the month of September saw a number of big launches such as iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920 and much more. With customer becoming more spoilt for choices the smartphone industry is all set to go north with these smartphone taking technology to the next level. Today, we would be reviewing the Nokia Lumia 920 […]

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What’s the Fuss with Android’s Jelly Bean?

October 15, 20120 Comments

For those who are not aware, Android uses fun candy related names for their different operating systems when they upgrade them, such as Ice Cream Sandwich. Mac users are familiar with this as Apple uses the names of big cats, such as Lion and Mountain Lion for their OS upgrades. The latest iteration from Android, […]

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5 Points To Help You Choose Between Android And iOS

October 10, 20122 Comments

The battle for supremacy between the two major smart phone operating systems is intensifying by the day. Both Apple and Google are trying trump the other with innovative features and better balance. However, despite all their efforts, they seem to negating each other’s advances. The result is that any individual looking to buy a smart […]

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Sony Xperia Sola Review

September 21, 20121 Comment

Sony Xperia Sola, the recently introduced smart phone comes packed with latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. It also features a dual-core processor for faster performance and amazing Reality Display along with Floating Touch. An important feature is NFC (Near Field Communication) users to exchange information with other smart phones with a single touch. […]

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How can you turn your iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control?

September 14, 20121 Comment

  There is nothing more annoying than having about ten different remote controls placed all over the living room. A lot of the time, by the time an individual actually finds the right remote, the television show they were intending on watching has already finished. Thankfully, with the pace technology is advancing at, there tends […]

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