iPhone Games for Shooters and action gamers

March 18, 20160 Comments

Most of us can remember the first time we played a video game. For some it was the Pack Man era and for others it was the pong era. New Generations have been raised with the Play Stations so they don’t understand how blessed they are to have pocket sized machines that have the gaming […]

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Possible Rival For Google Glass from the house of Apple

March 12, 20150 Comments
Google Glass rival

The US Patent Office on Tuesday granted software giant Apple a patent for a head-mounted peripheral display. This grant comes just days after Google announced their latest innovation called ‘Google Project Glass’, on similar lines. One may be lead to believe that Apple is trying to rip off its fellow competitor. However, the Apple patent […]

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New iPads on March – Already on the way

January 30, 20130 Comments

A few weeks after releasing the iPad Mini, sources say that Apple is whipping up a new, fifth generation iPad set to be released on March 2013. While many would think that this is rather abrupt, I am sure that more people are just dying to know what’s coming next for this almost necessity. Improved […]

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How can you turn your iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control?

September 14, 20121 Comment

  There is nothing more annoying than having about ten different remote controls placed all over the living room. A lot of the time, by the time an individual actually finds the right remote, the television show they were intending on watching has already finished. Thankfully, with the pace technology is advancing at, there tends […]

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Before Traveling Abroad Top 8 Things You Must Do with Your iPad

August 31, 20120 Comments

Following a couple of tips can mean you can get the best out of your holiday with the use of your iPad. Whether a keen traveler, or if you’re just off on a stag weekend, there are loads of apps and tips that can mean you get the best out of the time you are there. Technology is powering through the 21st century and at just 12 years in we […]

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Apple and Amazon Are Embracing Mobile Social Mapping

July 20, 20120 Comments

In contemporary times, the cosmos of digital maps have been dominated by Microsoft and Google and lately Apple and Amazon depended on Google maps in order to cater to the needs of their users for finding locations using maps. But now it appears that Apple and Amazon are encompassing this new trend in their recent […]

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