Learning Telephone Etiquette | Way to Effective Telephone communication

December 24, 20122 Comments
telephone learn

For most business enterprises, a telephone call will be the initial contact between the customer and the business employee. This means that a single phone call may actually make or break your business. As a matter of fact, most experts say that every time your telephone rings, there opens a possibility for you to gain […]

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What phone tariff offers the most for customers?

December 7, 20120 Comments
phone tarrif

Mobile phone tariffs are a complicated business and when it comes to the tariff that offers the most to its customers there are -mores the pity – many sub-points that require some serious consideration. For example, did you realize that finding the best tariff depends on several factors? Your handset, the type of contract, the […]

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5 Reasons: Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S3

September 7, 20123 Comments
samsaung galaxy s3

After the huge success of Samsung Galaxy S2, the company launched the new and advanced Samsung Galaxy S 3. However, in comparison to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S 3 had to be much more powerful, fast and packed with enhanced features. So, has the new phone fared well? The answer is yes. Samsung Galaxy S […]

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