AMD VS INTEL: Which Processor is Best for Gaming?

February 20, 20182 Comments
intel vs amd

For some people, the Gaming on Computer is LIFE! Without Gaming on the computer, they cannot feel like living life fully. For gaming on PC, you’ll need a proper gaming computer with all of the necessary components. Some games require the particular configuration of Processors and Graphics card. The High-end graphics card will work with […]

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Points to Remember for Mobile Apps Developers for Successful Game Designing

January 14, 20184 Comments

Introduction of latest smart phones like iPhone, Windows, Android etc. has revolutionized the mobile gaming world. Developing a mobile game has become integral part of mobile application development for its immensely growing popularity among new generation. Mobile game developers have brought much sophistication and finesse in the gaming software, which needs substantial skill and knowledge. Many of […]

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iPad games for cool guys- You must try out

March 13, 20130 Comments

The iPad is just one of the many designer devices crafted by Apple. They are the must have gadget for any guy or girl that values both technology and their image. However, an iPad is only as useful (or as cool) as the apps installed on it! Here are five top games that all cool […]

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