An infographic by Cognitive Group about the Dynamics Convergence EMEA 2013

October 17, 20130 Comments

Please include attribution to Cognitive Group with this graphic.

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Gadgets You Should Watch Out for this Year

January 27, 20130 Comments

The year 2012 has been a good year for businesses, with market shares climbing in the last quarter and the Dow Jones registering its best performance on a New Year’s eve after breaking a five-day losing streak. The year has indeed seen spectacular growth from US markets. A case in point is Apple’s 31 percent […]

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7 best tools to test websites in different screen resolutions

January 26, 20130 Comments

Gone are the days when the entire screen was of the same resolution. Now it’s the digital world of tablets, notebooks and smart phones. Are you looking for some easy tools where you can test your creative juices for different screen sizes? Here we will tell you some of the best online tools, add ons […]

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How Bitdefender Antivirus Can Change Your Digital Life

September 8, 20122 Comments

With the explosion of the internet world, more and more people are attracted to the use of the internet. They find the use of the internet more reliable with lots of source and information all around like https://antivirusinsider.com. However, with these pros, there also include the danger and threat that your gadgets and personal information […]

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How technology helps kids to see their favorite cartoons online

August 28, 20120 Comments

  There is no longer a need to wait eagerly for your favourite shows to begin on Cartoon Network. They have done it again and made sure that kids and parents can benefit from the features that they offer. Cartoon Network is home to some of the most popular cartoons today; new and classic. It’s […]

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8 Great Medical Apps that You Shouldn’t Go Without

August 21, 20121 Comment

Over the years, there has been great improvement in life expectancy and physical health with the advent of up-to-date medical knowledge. Previously, only themedical professionals had access to this knowledge. But now, technology has made this possible for you even if you are not a doctor! If you have a smartphone,you are all set to examine your own health with the use of modern medical apps. Have […]

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