3 Reasons Utah’s Quest for Internet UTOPIA is Destined to Fail

July 10, 20130 Comments

When work on UTOPIA began more than a decade ago, the idea brimmed with promise. UTOPIA stands for Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency. It is a wholesale fiber optic network, providing phone, internet, and video services. Although they are barred by law for providing retail services, they partner with other companies to provide the services […]

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How Behavioral Targeting Can Produce Sales

July 8, 20130 Comments

Online marketers have become privy to methods of optimizing their websites to increase sales. Behavioral targeting is a topic most of them have come across and use as part of the website optimization arsenal. In an age where social influence plays an important role in consumer behavior, understanding the principles of behavioral targeting will set […]

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Most anticipated small business technologies

April 18, 20130 Comments

Adapting to new technology is one of the most efficient and productive ways to help your business thrive and prosper. As consumers become increasingly dependent on technological devices like smartphones and tablets for their day-to-day services, businesses must make sure they can respond to their demands by connected their brands with the latest technology. Here, […]

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