Apple versus Hackers versus The Police

August 9, 20181 Comment

Let’s start with the bad news: big phone companies and government law enforcement are struggling against each other for control of your phone.  You could go back to short-wave radio like a lot of construction workers.  But what about long distance and video chat?  You might not be able to do much beneath the feet […]

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Top 8 Best Icon Packs for Android Devices

July 28, 20170 Comments

When it comes to branding your business, the little things can matter. You want to make sure the big concepts, such as content marketing, work beautifully together, but you also want to pay attention to the small details. One such detail is making sure the devices your team uses are customised and streamlined. This means […]

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Playster vs Audible: Which audiobook service is right for you?

February 7, 20177 Comments

If you love audiobooks — their convenience really can’t be beat! — you have a couple of options when it comes to streaming services. Unfortunately, in recent months, many have become more restrictive than ever before. Getting unlimited access to audiobooks is something we dream of, but due to the harsh realities of licensing (and […]

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The Best iPhone App that Every Women Must Have

October 12, 20150 Comments

When you think about a smartphone, you may inevitably think about the various apps that you would like to download and use on your phone. Today, with the huge growth of the app industry, you can find an app for everything right from fitness to shopping and budgeting and many more. While there are many […]

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ZOHO: Best Project Management Tool

May 17, 20130 Comments

Whether you are an immature businessman or a manager successfully running your own business at a large scale, you always need a perfect project management in order to climb the steps to success. A business man must be able to effectively handle, manage and organize his projects equally well till the end.  Meeting deadlines is […]

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5 Important apps that will bring creativity into you when you have in your mobile device

October 29, 20120 Comments

The reason why many gadget, mobile or smart phone users buy that device which they have is because they consider it as something or a device which will be useful to them in the very aspect which they had expect it will be useful in such as browsing, gaming and creativity. Creativity is indeed a […]

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