Last Minute Preparation Tips for class 12th Board Examinations

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As the exam date is approaching closer, the preparation levels equally shoot high and every student is busy with their last minute preparations. Even after thorough preparation, most of the students feel nervous and stressed. Many students will be confused where to start from, what to learn, what not to skip, and lot more. Now is the time for every student to recollect all that they have studied by having a quick revision. Students can easily perform well in their exam with a proper preparation strategy, revision  and smart work.

Board Examinations

Given below are some of the last minute preparation tips which can help students to perform better and score excellently.

  • Have a complete feeling to get success, maintain a positive attitude and believe in yourself. As positivity leads to miracles.
  • Revise all the important terms, diagram, formulas, and other important and basic terminologies from NCERT Solutions and RD Sharma class 11 solutions.
  • In order to avoid last moment chaos and confusion, just recollect all the important points studied the previous night.
  • Have a quick glance on flash cards, mind maps, and other important terminologies.
  • As the board exam is just a few days away, students cannot go through the entire syllabus. Therefore, have a quick glimpse of the weak topics.
  • Students must try to take more mock tests and solve sample papers as they can judge how they are prepared for the examination.
  • Along with the preparations, students should also take care of their health. Therefore, take regular breaks, have a healthy diet and good sleep to keep their brain healthy.

These were some important last-minute preparation tips for CBSE class 12 board exams. During the last few days, students should never try to mug up concepts and are also advised not to start any new topic before the final examination, as it will only add to the unnecessary stress, which may drop their confidence level. Along with the revisions, they must try to take more mock tests, solve as many problems from their RD Sharma class 12 solutions, NCERT textbooks, and sample papers as they can before their examination.

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