Best Ways to Study Physics

August 21, 20190 Comments

With exams just a few months ahead of us, it is probably the best time someone wrote an article about how to best study for physics exams. For the sake of simplicity, the article is set in the context of introductory physics courses, although everything we discuss here is relevant to higher-level physics courses too.

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that physics is different from most of the subjects that one encounters in school due to the reason that it is solely based on problem-solving. This also means that physics relies less on memory and more on the application of concepts to problem-solving. Hence, if you want to excel in physics you should know how to approach problems, organize the information given, and apply concepts and ways to utilize maths to solve the given problem.

So here are a few suggestions for studying physics:

  • Read the textbook

It is surprising to see the number of students who think that they can get by without reading the textbook. If you don’t like your textbook then I would suggest you go to the library and find a different book that is more suitable for you.

  • Study Everyday

Studying an hour every day is better than studying for 7 hours the day before the exam. The brain needs time to absorb and process concepts so it is better to give it time by studying daily.

  • Practice Derivations and Problems

Do you know anyone who read a book about riding bicycles and immediately became a bicycle expert? I don’t. Everybody that I know had to practice continuously to finally learn to ride a bicycle. Similarly, all the physics derivations like the Biot Savart’s Law is best learned when practiced.

  • Get help!

Often, there comes a time when you bang your head against the wall for hours and hours trying to solve a problem. In times like these, get help from your course instructors.

  • Pay attention in class

Do you think you can check your Facebook feed and listen to the class lecture all at once? Think again! There are a plethora of studies that show that we are terrible multitaskers.

These were a few pointers to help you succeed in your physics exam. Choose what suits you the best and start preparing for exams if you haven’t already! All the best!

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