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In case you want to know the basic steps in order to create your own website video streaming portal, there are some basic steps, which you are bound to get in touch with, so that the result can turn out to be a fruitful one. There are some basic tutorials available over the internet, which you can easily take help of, for getting the best possible option, on the run. The tutorials are even going to cover up various types of videos for you to choose from and those will be streamed on the internet platform. There are mainly 2 types of methods, associated with streaming video.

online streaming

One can be stated as HTTP streaming and another one can be defined as streaming servers.

More about the video streaming

While planning for streaming video, you can try and understand 2 basic things, on the run and those two are streaming method and the file format of the video. When the main area of concern is related with file formats, you can be rest assured to get various formats available for you to choose from. Some of the most common file formats available and used by maximum users are RealMedia, Windows Media, Quicktime, Adobe Flash and also MPEG, which can also be stated as MPEG-4.

Some pros and cons to remember

Always make it a point to remember that each and every file format has some pros and cons associated with the file formats. However, no matter whatever is the case, but the end comes into the personal preference. Always make it a point to remember that majority of the users have their own preferences and there are some others, who make it a point to take help of a particular format. Therefore, if you want to reach out to the maximum numbers of audiences, you are asked to create separate files, associated with each format. As in reality, it is not at all possible, therefore; you might try and go for a judgment call, which will make the formats run.

Streaming methods can be noted down

There are mainly 2 ways, which you need to follow in order to view the media, related on the internet zone. Those two are stated as streaming and downloading. Some of the examples are audio, video, animations and more. Streaming media can work a little bit differently and the end users can start the file as soon it starts to download. Here, the file is going to be sent to the user is a constant stream. The obvious advantage is that the users do not have to wait for the video and this field can even broadcast some of the live events. This method is sometimes stated as net cast or the field of webcast.

Talking about downloading field

Whenever you are planning to download file, the entire file will be saved on your PC, which can be opened and viewed at any point of time. This has some major advantages as the file can be access quickly while dealing with a part of the file. However, you have to wait for the entire part to download, which can be stated as a disadvantaged part by many. This downloading version is quite convenient for small files, but for big files, you can try and go for the streaming option.

Method depends on the situation

The right kind of method solely depends on the situation, even though maximum numbers of people tries and go for the HTTP streaming option, which can also be defined as progressive download. This method can be stated as a hybrid method, where the file will be downloaded by will also start playing as soon as part of it is downloaded.

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