5 Important apps that will bring creativity into you when you have in your mobile device

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The reason why many gadget, mobile or smart phone users buy that device which they have is because they consider it as something or a device which will be useful to them in the very aspect which they had expect it will be useful in such as browsing, gaming and creativity. Creativity is indeed a very great factor which decides which of these gadgets a person will buy. But this is really astonishing that out of all the many that buy this gadget for such reasonable purposes, many of them get to regret their decision and by so they get to sell the device at a lower price to be able to buy a new one.

Being creative depends on many considerable factor some of the factors which will determine creativity in a gadget include what the gadget can offer, what the gadget contain and what you use in the process of being creative, all this aside, what you use to conduct your creativity is the most important. Saying that, I mean apps, the applications in a gadget can be referred to as what you will use to conduct creativity in the gadget, this being a considerable factor is very reasonable because when you have the right one of it, then your productivity will have no limits expect for nature.

However, since you have come to read this article, knowing the right ones that should be used for creativity should not be a problem as far as you are reading this post and concentrating well.


This is a wonderful iPhone app which with it, you can get access to a lot of books just in time. With this app, you can easily switch within the tonnes of books in the app within the short time which your finger can permit you to. With a tap, you can flip around to reveal the ibookstore, where you’ll find over 1 million books and viewing many of them for free. View what’s featured on the ibookstore and the New York Times best-seller lists, or browse by title, author, or genre. Find a book you like and tap to see more details, peruse reviews, even read a free sample. Purchase a book and it downloads to your bookshelf, ready to read.


Keynote is a special and specially designed application which helps in many ways and in different understandings to develop your way of defining and developing presentations. With this app, you can create specially designed presentations which contain super exciting features. Out of these features, you can create presentations with many designs, you can deliver them to different destinations, and you can also share them with whomever you want.


The function of this app is divided into three main and important aspects which include tapping, swiping and playing. This elaborately is so because the app helps you to control the iTunes library on your iPhone the same way you play music or video on your devices including iPad and the others. Fast-forward, pause, and rewind. Choose a song, shuffle an album, or skip to the next track. Even create Genius playlists. Album art looks amazing on the large iPad display and stunning on the vibrant iPhone 4 and iPod touch Retina displays. And if your Mac is sleeping, Remote wakes it up so you can access all your digital media on iTunes.


The podcast application proves to be the easiest and simplest way to discover, subscribe to, and play your favourite podcasts on your iPhone 5. With this app, you can explore hundreds of thousands of free audio and video podcasts from the Podcasts Catalogue, and play the most popular podcasts, organized for you by topic, with the all-new Top Stations feature.

 IPhone Pages

The iPhone 5’s “pages” allow you to create beautiful letters, reports, flyers, and more on your iPhone 5. No matter which device you’re on, the iCloud keeps your Pages documents up to date across them all automatically. And the Retina display makes everything you do in Pages look even more brilliant.

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