Apple and Amazon Are Embracing Mobile Social Mapping

July 20, 20120 Comments

In contemporary times, the cosmos of digital maps have been dominated by Microsoft and Google and lately Apple and Amazon depended on Google maps in order to cater to the needs of their users for finding locations using maps. But now it appears that Apple and Amazon are encompassing this new trend in their recent strategies as is evident from the latest launching of map based applications which will help their users to locate places using online maps along with some other useful apps.

In the case of Apple, the company has unveiled an app which will provide a step by step navigation guides, information about the traffic as well as a new and innovative ‘flyover’ feature which will enable the users to view photo-realistic 3D photos. The company is also including social functionality by incorporating Yelp in their mapping application which will help the users to take the help of Siri for location based  social functions of Yelp like check-ins where the user will not have to leave the map. Yelp is a social media site where users can find various service providers and products. The website contains feedbacks of many service providers and products and the ways to locate them. Two years ago, the site introduced a feature of check-in for its mobile users and this feature is put to use by Apple in its latest business enterprise mapping app.

With the new application for mapping purpose from Apple the users will be enabled to contact with each other simultaneously with the help of Yelp without having to exit from the mapping application. By collaborating with Yelp, Apple plane to bring social functionality in the forefront for its users and this will make the smartphone manufacturers to team up with various social media partners.

In Amazon’s case, the step in this direction can be seen from the company’s acquisition of UpNext which is a start up for 3D mapping. With this step of having their own mapping application the American multinational plans to drive in many revenue resources. This move from the company will have its social functionality since Amazon will dislike following in this competition of clasping this new trend. This new step by these two companies will make the other companies in this field to go past the usual mapping applications and make them think about new interactive ways of map locations and more social functionality.

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