AMD VS INTEL: Which Processor is Best for Gaming?

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For some people, the Gaming on Computer is LIFE! Without Gaming on the computer, they cannot feel like living life fully. For gaming on PC, you’ll need a proper gaming computer with all of the necessary components. Some games require the particular configuration of Processors and Graphics card. The High-end graphics card will work with any of games, but the wrong processor will give you some problem while playing games.

intel vs amd

There are mainly two popular CPU maker brands in the market, i.e., AMD and Intel. They’ve launched different processors that are capable of handling a tremendous load of gaming and other processes. In this post, we will be discussing on the Best Processor for the gaming. Among the AMD and Intel, who makes the best processors for gaming computer builds.


  • Pricing

When you are building the gaming PC with the maximum budget, ignore this point as you have plenty of money to buy the best processor in the market. But, if you are on Budget funds to build a PC, read this carefully.

The AMD Processors are comparatively cheaper that the Intel Processors. The Intel Processors are pretty much high priced than the AMD Chips, that’s why we can see many people with average computing needs use the AMD processors.

The AMD A-Series processors start from the price tag of $30 on average, and Intel Celeron Series Processors start from $45. You might be thinking that the AMD has superiority here regarding the pricing, but it is not. The Intel Processors are known to be much faster than the competing AMD Processors. So, you may not get performance advantage if you choose the Cheap Processors.

  • Overclocking

Most of the Processors comes with the stock Clock-rate limits. The Overclocking is the Process to optimize the CPU performance by pushing its limits. The AMD Processors comes with the Overclocking support, which means we can increase the performance by tweaking the BIOS settings. BUT, If you want to Overclock the Intel Processor, you’ve to have the Premium Overclocking series processors.

The Intel Processors have special series with “K” at the End, which indicates the Overclocking abilities. There are the tiny amount of the Intel Processors with the Overclocking support, and they are freaking high priced. On the other hand, Almost all of the AMD CPUs can be overclocked to achieve better performance.

If you are a tech freak and want to use more processing power, then AMD is better than Intel.

  • Integrated Graphics

The Integrated Graphics is the Inbuilt Graphics processing unit which does the job of Graphics card. Most of the Low-end computers come with the Integrated Graphics for rendering the graphics.

The AMD offers the APUs, which are nothing but the CPUs with the Onboard graphics processor. The Intel offers similar Integrated Graphics option with their CPUs.

The AMD has Radeon Graphics, which is far better than Intel’s HD Graphics. The AMD Radeon Graphics is much powerful and faster than the Intel HD Graphics. But, the AMD chips are not quick in computing than the Intel Chips. So, if you are playing high-end games, then AMD processors may set you back while playing. You can play online betting games at M88.

In short, the Intel Processors are better for high-end gaming, and AMD CPUs are better at Low-end gaming.


Both of the companies, i.e. Intel and AMD are great in creating the processors that can complete daily computing needs of the user. But, the gaming needs much more than average computing performance. That’s why choosing the best Processor is better.

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In short, for the High-End gaming use Intel Processors with adequate Graphics card and for Low-End gaming, the AMD processors will work just fine.

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  1. Great article on 2 of the larges processor brands in the world, AMD and Intel. I personally prefer Intel because its been proven to provide good quality. But yeah if you’re in a budget, AMD is good enough for you. I hope you could do one more of this article comparing models of each. Thanks!

  2. Well Believe me not Intel is going to darkness now its AMD time because its update So much meantime and shocked everyone

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