Airtel reveals the “Impressive” 4G data plans

April 10, 20120 Comments

Airtel announced that they will be launching their 4G services in Kolkata in this month’s end. They have now revealed their 4G data plans and trust me, I’m impressed.

Here is the tarrif chart:

tariffs for airtel 4G LTE

The Airtel 4G will allow users to browse at a speed as fast as 40 MBPS (Its fast in India at least!). With 4G users will be able to stream videos, download stuff and upload things at a speed they have never experienced in mobile internet.

As we mentioned in the hyperlinked article before, the 4G services will now only be available in Kolkata but Airtel is planning to launch it soon in some other cities as well.

But anyways, these plans definitely indicate that the 3G data plans are going to be more cheap and affordable.


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