8 Great Medical Apps that You Shouldn’t Go Without

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Over the years, there has been great improvement in life expectancy and physical health with the advent of up-to-date medical knowledge. Previously, only themedical professionals had access to this knowledge. But now, technology has made this possible for you even if you are not a doctor! If you have a smartphone,you are all set to examine your own health with the use of modern medical apps.

Have a look at the eight great medical apps that you can use no matter where youare:


WebMD is designed as a symptom checker for your health issues. If you are not feeling well, using this app will help you identify any problem areas, and will informyou about any illness you are suffering from. The app comprises of various options. One of them provides you information about using first aid. Along with that, its pill identification tool gives you details about the pill you aim to use.
If you are having any health issue, it will identify it. Similarly, if it is about your eye problem, wearing Focus Dailies All Day Comfort after your doctor’s advice can be another effective option. Check new york medical billing company for more details.

First Aid App

It is not necessary that you will find a medical professional whenever there is an emergency. Therefore, an ideal option in that case is to use First Aid app. It provides step-by-step guide to treating someone who accidently got injured. All these directions are in the form of instructions and videos. In addition, there is also a 911 button for emergencies. However, if the situation is not that serious and urgent, you can always enjoy testing your medical knowledge by taking its featured quizzes.

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is especially targeted for diabetic patients. However, individuals who are conscious about their level of glucose can also utilize this app well. The main function of Glucose Buddy is to provide you the data of your blood sugar. For example, it can be beneficial for you if you want to measure the progress of your blood sugar health.

While using it, all you have to do is input your health data about your blood sugar numbers, insulin levels, activity level, and food intake. Then it provides you the overall analysis according to your health data. Once you get your health analysis,you can feel more responsible towards your health.

Heart Fitness

The technology applied in Heart Fitness is approved by the FDA. This app takes your heart rate and presents you an analysis of your heart health in the form of graphs and charts. It stores your health information about your heart rate and measures the cardiovascular progress. This way, you can improve your blood pressure as well as your heart health.

Visible Body

Visible Body is a handy three-dimensional atlas of the entire body as well as its systems. Even tiny systems of the human body can be searched through thismedical atlas. If you want to look up a biological name, you can use this app to find it out conveniently. Furthermore, it helps you identify any problem areas related to your health. You can download this app for $9.99.


VaxNation has been produced by one of the most well-known medicalorganizations in Texas. This app provides you access to your vaccination information. It is mostly useful in emergencies when you urgently need details about your vaccination. For instance, you can use VaxNation when going for a long trip. In case you need your or your family members’ vaccination history, you can easily get all that through this app.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary

It is a medical dictionary in digital form. It is especially designed for an average person who wants to figure outmedical lingo. There are various medical terms thatyou must be unfamiliar with. This app can help you understand the definitions of thousands of medical words. Using this app requires you to subscribe to the website of Taber’s Dictionary.


Asthma is a common disease and a large number of people suffer from it. Asthma patients complain that keeping track of their level of breathing efficiency is tough. However, AsthmaSense enables them to know updated information about their breathing functions and medication schedule. If the analysis is not upto the mark, the app offers them warnings to improve their health.

Using the above mentioned medical apps has brought convenience in everyone’s lives. If there is any medical emergency, you do not need to worry at all. Just use the medical app and identify your health problems in an instant.

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